Blog Content Helps Increase Google Visibility: Here’s Why

Technology is the mother of all invention and as far as entrepreneurship is concerned, the internet has revolutionized the business world greatly over the past few years. With the number of internet users surpassing 4.5 billion as of Dec 2019 and the number of online shoppers increasing by the minute, Google visibility has become more important than ever before.

If you guessed right, this is where online marketing strategies come into play.

Now, of the many online marketing tactics used by businesses, blog content marketing is arguably the most important, especially when it comes to search engine optimization. As revealed by this agency, this is because content with the most insight and helpful information helps boost your site’s ranking in Search Engines.

Content quality is one of the metrics used by Google when ranking a site on search engine result pages (SERPs). With big businesses rushing to established content creators for advertising, new sites, bloggers, and content creators might have a hard time achieving good visibility online. This having been mentioned, here’s why blog content helps increase your Google visibility.

You Can Share Your Blog Posts Across Platforms

Social media has become a very powerful marketing platform these days with literally everyone with a smartphone able to access it. You can take advantage and share your blog posts to boost the number of views, trigger interactions, and boost engagement. Moreover, social sites are indexed faster by Google bots, making it an added benefit to your rankings when you post your blogs on social media.

In other words, it boosts engagement, promotes your brand, attracts traffic, and even improves your SEO. Therefore, do not get tired of posting, bookmarking, and syndicating your content. You can even use Google Analytics to see your progress and feedback from the audience. You can then use the statistics to know the interest of your audience and use this to attract more followers.

Using Images and Videos in Your Content

You’ve probably on several occasions seen someone you follow on Instagram repost something on his page that was posted by somebody else. This is an indication that not all readers get to see your content directly from you.

The use of images and videos with catchy titles will raise curiosity among the audience and increase visitor engagement for your site. You just have to make sure it’s informative, educative, or entertaining. Bring out a unique aspect in your content through videos and images, and you will find your reposts on all corners of the internet.

Mobile-Friendly Content

More people use their mobile phones for social media than those who use PCs and laptops. After all, they’re easily portable and cheaper. Successful content marketers take this to their advantage and make mobile-friendly content that loads faster and is easier to read on the smartphone.

This will limit how you use images in your posts, only using them where it’s relevant and necessary. Mobile-friendly blogs also use short, relevant, and descriptive URLs, making it easier to reach a larger audience.

Also, some content management systems offer applications that make it easier for your audience to read your blogs from their phones. Mobile-friendliness is another aspect Google considers when ranking sites, and this is something you can use to increase Google visibility using your blog content.

Compelling Blog Titles

Successful internet marketers also advise the use of descriptive names when creating blog titles and tags. For instance, “Winnie’s DIY Decor and Interiors” is a very short name that describes the content. This automatically rings a bell that Winnie could be the owner’s name and she does interior décor so if you have any interest in decor ideas that you can do yourself, you can follow that page.

Your title does not have to be complicated; a candid title hits it right for your audience. When creating your title, you’ll also need to consider other factors like:  

  • Who is your target audience?
  • Compelling descriptions
  • Important SEO keywords

A blog is one of the fastest ways to promote your brand, inspire ideas, and make money online. If you have a website for your business, blog content can help increase traffic while boosting it’s SEO and rankings on SERP, while translates to higher returns in the long run. It helps you position your brand as a leader in the industry and can even help you to develop better customer relationships.

However, all this will depend on the visibility of your posts online, and this will be determined by how you curate your content. With the above information in mind, you have all the reasons to keep providing your target audience with regularly updated, informative, and interesting high-quality content as frequently as possible.