Why Boating Is Big This Summer? 7 Ways to Get on Board This Vacation

Overhead sun, longer days, beach trips, and grilling season is here. Signaling what? The long-anticipated arrival of the summer season. There may be many summer activities for fun-loving and adventurous people. However, for boating enthusiasts, the arrival of summer only indicates that boating is back!

And guess what? Boating is not just back but is also bigger and better this summer. How?

Increased spending of time indoors, doing work from home, and the quarantines have led adventure activities like boating to be in demand. On top of that, the prospect of getting reunited with family and friends is driving people crazy!

But that’s not the only reason why boating is more prominent this summer. Whenever you step aboard a boat and cast off the coastline, all the stress in your life seems to melt away. As your boat cruises swiftly through the water, your mind and body get into a restful state, both physiologically and psychologically.

Not to mention, the beautiful and romantic aura while boating soothes the soul, recharges your body, and improves your attitude. The ambiance is as perfect as it can be if you are about to propose to someone. The bottom line? Boating is a fun, adventurous activity that’s good not just for you but also for your loved ones.

The desire for boating is getting so big that people want this to be their never-ending vacation. And why not? There are reasons for that, which leads us to discuss why boating is bigger, better, and in-demand this summer.

Boating is Expensive. Nah! It was. But Now it is Affordable.

Hold on a minute; if boating is that desirable and in demand, wouldn’t everyone already have a boat or yacht of their own? To some extent, that’s true. However, there’s an exception – if everyone knew how great and fun boating is, they probably would have owned a boat instead of getting stuck on dry land.

And, obviously, people still have doubts regarding the expensiveness of boats and yachts. Hopefully, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because buying a boat now is like buying a motorized vehicle. No matter what your budget is, there’s a boat available for any age and lifestyle.

Still can’t believe it? Hope on to your preferred search engine and enter ‘how much does a boat usually cost?’ You will get a plethora of information on the cheapest and the most expensive boats out there. Plus, you may stumble upon some boat buying guides that can be helpful in your journey to be a boat owner.

It may surprise you, but the starting price points of boats are well under $30K, $20K, $10K, and even $5K. Boating being expensive is now a thing of the past. And, what if you are just an occasional boater and don’t want to invest in buying a boat. There are still plenty of options available that will help you get on board. Stay tuned because we are going to discuss them later.

Sophisticated Comfort on Water – That’s What Boating is About!

Boating is an excellent option for summer vacations due to various good reasons — the most prominent being the sophisticated comfort. From food and beverages to aesthetic additions, the lavish boats offer quality tide time.

The appealing hardtops of the boats allow adamant sun-seekers or the ones who have clocked in surplus vitamin D to get proper shade. Thanks to sophisticated galleys, there are plenty of entertaining onboard options available. Not to mention the sunset-ready eats, from salad and skewers to sandwiches and charcuterie.

With more flexible purchasing options, relaxation, technology, and chic comforts, boating has become an exciting new outdoor activity for people who love going on vacations. And, guess what, the summer season is the best season to feel the sophisticated comfort of boating on tidal waters.

Anyone Can Boat. And, Yes, You Can Too!

With various yacht and boat sizes, price points, and recreational water activities, the multi-faceted boating activity is available to every enthusiast. However, some people still believe that they can’t boat because they don’t know about operating or caring for a boat.

But that’s not what boating is all about. If you are new at boating, there are countless resources available that can help to take your rookie boating skills to another level. Also, there are options of used boats available at different prices, which is helpful for people with a low budget. No more riding on someone else’s boat because it’s time to buy your own!

Renting a Boat is Now an Option

Getting into boating does not mean that you have to be an owner of a boat. There are plenty of vacation places that allow renting boats by the hour, the half-day, the day, or even the week. Now what that means is you can do boating without investing in it for your entire life.

You can start by renting a rowboat or a kayak. After mastering the skills of a kayak or a rowboat, you can rent a ski boat. Guess what? Someday, you may find yourself cruising offshore in big charter boats. With endless possibilities, you can tailor your boating needs according to your level of interest.

Boats are Much Better than Ever

The advancements in boat building in recent years are unimaginable. Today, new generation boats come with helm systems. It makes it easier to operate. There are more safety and communication options in boats than ever before.

Today’s boats provide high-end comfort that makes you feel like being at the comfort of your home. Nowadays, boats are built with magnets in the furniture and tables to hold unique drinkware and frosty beverages, thus preventing spilling.

Ways to Get on Board This Summer

People often ask about how do they start boating. Well, we won’t be talking about the costs involved, time constraints, and inexperience while boating. We here are talking about access. Getting access to boats is a lot easier than you might think.

In most areas of the country, getting access to boats is not an issue. But, you may have to take a long ride to a marina or a boat ramp in some parts. However, if you have your own boat, you can tow it around and enjoy the adventure.

It seems like we are moving away from the topic. So, let’s just make things more transparent and discuss how exactly you can boat, even if you own a boat or not.

1. Daily Boat Rentals

Whether you are beside are river, lake, or ocean, daily boat rentals are available everywhere. The booking options are also very much diverse. You can make a booking for a few hours or even a whole day. Not to mention the variety of boats available won’t disappoint you either.

Whether it’s a kayak, personal watercraft, pontoon boat, or ski boat, you can get pretty much any boat on rent. If you want to figure out what boating style suits you the best, you must opt for half-day boat rentals.

The prices of the daily boat rentals depend upon the type and length of the boat you choose. There may be additional charges if you want fishing gear and water-skiing equipment.

2. Peer-to-Peer Boat Rentals

Ever heard of a peer-to-peer apartment and house rentals? Peer-to-peer boat rentals have a similar concept to them. This kind of boat rental allows you to rent boats from an individual who works with a boat company. There’s no need for you to contact the company. You just have to discuss your preferences with the individual.

There are many peer-to-peer boat rental individuals/companies out there who can get you a boat of your choice. Hop on to their website or mobile app, enter your preferred destination, select your options, and get the type of boat you want.

What’s more interesting is that you can rent a boat with a captain also. It’s a great option if little or no experience of operating a boat. Peer-to-peer boat rentals offer all types of boats, from cruising sailboats and lake-style pontoon boats to island-hopping powerboats.

3. Bareboat Charter

Booking a boat without its crew and captain is what a bareboat charter means. Apparently, you, your family, or your friends are the crew and captain. You can do bareboating on a sailboat or a powerboat. However, catamarans are also suitable. Many people enjoy bareboating on the inflatable catamaran.

There are many bareboating companies worldwide. The most prominent ones are in the British Virgin Islands. They offer bareboat charters to people around the world. You just have to select your destination and enjoy it!

Talking about the British Virgin Islands, there can’t be a better location than that for bareboating. The environment and view are so excellent that you can still see the last island when you leave for the next island. On top of that, you will find plenty of bars and cuisine restaurants for exotic dining ashore.

4. Boat Clubs

Do you know what does it mean if you have a boat club membership? A boat club membership will allow you to access the fleet of boats that your club owns. Plus, you can access and operate the boats that are available at other locations of the club.

The boat club membership is best suitable if you are a traveling enthusiast and go to various places. With club membership at your disposal, you can use every boat your club owns. Many boat clubs operate in the United States. Simultaneously, these boat clubs have branches in countries like Canada, France, Italy, Britain, etc.

The boat clubs own a variety of boats. Typically, it depends on the location. But, the most common ones include bay/flats boats and bowriders. If you love fishing while cruising through the water, flats boats are the best option. Bowriders are more common for wakeboarding. Apart from that, sailboats, lake-style pontoon boats, and island-hopping powerboats are also available.

5. Crewed Charter

As the name suggests, a crewed charter comes with a captain and crew. They are dedicated to handling everything from boat operations, galley and cooking great dishes for people on board. Whether you are water-skiing or fishing and need any assistance, they will help. Sometimes, they will bring you cocktails too. All in all, the crewed charter is all about extravagance and comfort for your family.

A variety of styles and sizes are available when it comes to crewed charters. Small charters are suitable for single couples. On the other hand, larger charters are great for two or three couples if they are ready to split the bills.

6. Riverboat Charter

Riverboat charters – yes, they are self-operated, and yes, there is no need for the crew to operate them. Sounds interesting. Right? What’s more interesting is that it’s almost impossible to get lost in the river when on a riverboat charter. How? All thanks to the automated navigation features of these boats.

If you are into riverboat charters, many companies can help. The expert teams of these companies give you a complete introduction on how to get along with riverboat charters. Additionally, they are also ready to stay aboard with you at a short distance if you allow them to do so.

7. Buy Your Own Boat!

Buying your own boat is one of the best ways to get the authentic boating experience you desire. Depending on the boat you are looking for, you can find a perfect model in numerous ways. A simple boat buyer’s guide can be helpful throughout your journey of boat buying. The guide typically includes where to buy, how to buy, and what price to buy a boat.

Make sure you determine the right type of boat that fits your budget and lifestyle. Surprisingly, the starting price points of boats are well under $30K, $20K, $10K, and even $5K. While buying a boat, companies also help with the service divisions, insurance policies, financing, and on-water training.

So, when are You Getting on Board for Boating?

Assuming you are now familiar with why boating is popular and trending, are you ready to prep your boat? Are you ready to sail through the shore of the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, San Juan Islands, or Sydney?

After all, you’ve got seven ways to do so — one of them is owning a boat. And, what if you don’t want to? There are still six other innovative options at your disposal that can help fulfill your boating desire.

Boating in summer is one the most adventurous actions you can perform. We can bet that while boating, you are definitely going to realize all the great things about it and feel why you haven’t started it earlier.

What’s more fascinating is that once you start boating, you will never turn back. Last but not least, wishing you a safe, fun, and low-cost beginning to your boating experience.