5 Bodybuilding Mistakes Every Beginner Should Know

Whether you want a better physique or wish to be a professional bodybuilder, there are various things you should know about bodybuilding as a beginner. While making mistakes is normal, repeating them may not help you achieve your desired results.

When starting with bodybuilding, it’s essential to learn the basics. Like other sports, it takes time and effort to master bodybuilding. Rushing it will only result in injuries. So, if you don’t want that to happen, remember the following bodybuilding mistakes every beginner must know:

1. Not Prioritizing Nutrition

Bodybuilding isn’t all about how much weight you can lift or what extreme workout you do. You must prioritize your nutrition to achieve your goals as a bodybuilding beginner.

Some beginners think that diet and proper nutrition aren’t vital as long as they can lift and perform various types of physical exercises. However, it’s also crucial to remember that without a proper diet and nutrition, you won’t be able to gain the muscle mass you want.

To build muscle mass, you should follow a balanced diet plan since it’s the key to getting rid of fats and gaining muscle. A good bodybuilding diet includes macronutrients such as fats, protein, and carbs. You may also include supplements in your diet. You can read this recommended site and other online sources to know the best bodybuilding supplements you can choose from.

2. Training Too Much

Some people think training often will allow them to reach their bodybuilding goals immediately. Unfortunately, no matter how much time you spend in the gym, it’ll only cause delays in your progress.

Training too much is a huge mistake that beginners must never make. It may not only ruin your goals but also lead to worse situations like injuries. Keep in mind that your body also needs rest to heal and develop muscles.

3. Not Warming Up

Another common bodybuilding mistake every beginner must know is disregarding a proper warm-up routine. Most beginners think that warming up is optional, but it isn’t. It’s a critical part of any workout session to achieve a fit body. Each time you do a workout session, you must start it with warm-up exercises. It helps transform your body from rest mode to exercise.

A warm-up routine also prepares your body for heavy grinding ahead. Moreover, the body’s temperature increases when doing warm-up exercises. It helps regulate blood flow to your muscles.

The primary advantage of warming up, aside from preparing your body, is reducing the risk of injuries. In a warm-up session, there are three levels you should know. You must begin with a general body warm-up, including light exercises.

The second level is the body-specific exercises, which improve the flexibility of particular muscles. The last level is exercise-specific for resistance. After warming up, you can also do stretching exercises to make your body more agile and flexible.

If you forget about warming up before your workout session, you won’t be able to enjoy the above benefits. As a result, you may not gain optimum results from your exercise regime, which may not help you reach your bodybuilding goals quickly.

4. Copying Others

Another bodybuilding mistake a newbie must know is copying others. While it’s okay to copy the workout session of professional bodybuilders, it may not benefit you and would only make you suffer.

Remember that each exercise can be risky when you do it improperly. For example, even if a deadlift seems easy, once you do it without knowing the proper form, it could easily damage your spinal cord or tear your bicep. Therefore, avoid copying others as you start your journey in the bodybuilding world.

As a beginner, you must focus on the basic exercises with moderate weights for at least several months unless you have the stamina, experience, and strength to do the heavy and advanced exercises. Just remember that seniors are already experts in extreme lifting and you’ll be one of them soon. For now, the best thing you can do as a newbie is to stick with the exercises suitable for bodybuilding beginners.

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5. Forgetting About Exercising In Proper Form

If you’re exercising without proper form in mind, it may result in muscle imbalance or injuries. It’s because form is critical to building a symmetrical physique. So, always ensure you’re doing exercises in the correct form.

To build muscles and ensure you’re doing every exercise properly, ask somebody to watch how you do it. If you can’t find anyone, work with a personal trainer to guide you better in bodybuilding.


No matter what your bodybuilding goals are, it’s crucial to be aware of the mistakes that most beginners make. This way, you can approach this sport right from the start without dealing with issues like injuries. If you’re unsure about your bodybuilding journey, work with an expert or a fitness trainer to help you.