Book Review: Pains and Gains of Academic Writing

Many educational experts agree that students who are always lagging behind others simply lack discipline and the right preparation instead of firm knowledge. Those students concentrate on meeting the deadlines rather than learning something new.

It is especially visible when it comes to academic writing. A student acknowledges the word count, basic requirements, and seeks the ways of managing a paper with no effort. It usually leads to poor grades and undermined confidence.

Writing papers is not a complex science or skill that comes from breast milk, it is just a challenge that every person can master upon having motivation. Academic writing can be learnt with many guidelines. Yet, when you want to practice alone and feel yourself a boss, Pains and Gains of Academic Writing might become your best friend. Read this short book review, and learn its main characteristics.

The Profile of Pains and Gains of Academic Writing Book

Let’s first start by talking about the authors. They are not random people who strived to get profit from students on writing the book. They are those who for 15 years straight coped with the students’ papers, and hurdles.

The authors are accomplished writing specialists who know inside out of the academic papers, educational establishment requirements regarding them, as well as most-wanted expectations from the professors. All in all, it is a blend of gained knowledge, and tips for you to implement them.

• All About Your Comfort

When overlooking the books’ content, you won’t come across plain and boring chapters. The writers strived to name them all as they are in real life. For instance, Trust Me! I Know about Credible Sources. You might agree that whenever others try to hint at how to decorate or use credible sources, you always act like you know best. The book deals with the basic tips on how and where to find such sources, and how to introduce them to your paper smoothly.

• Entertaining Exercises

What is the sense of reading the book if you do not implement any gained knowledge to practise? Pains and Gains of Academic Writing has many chapters where each comes with final exercises.

Let’s pretend you read about the Summary and Review chapter. There will be some activities you try alone to understand whether any information was properly absorbed by your brain. If not, it is up to you whether to continue reading, however, based on readers’ feedback, the exercises do work.

• No Technical Jargon

Another big failure of many academic writing books is their trite approach to the language used. Yes, a book should not contain most students’ slang of today, however, it should not involve complicated technical jargon. It just takes extra time from a reader to surf the dictionary to find out the meaning of terms.

Pains and Gains of Academic Writing makes everything very simple. You can read about their Plagiarism approach within moments without finding yourself stuck “So, how to avoid plagiarism”, you know.

Finally, this book is all about hinting at such common hurdles as writing papers fast. The authors managed to share with you a working strategy on how to write a paper within two hours when you have a pretty tough deadline. Interested? Read book here.

Read It or Not Read It?

If you crave no repetitive advice on academic writing, no technical jargon, working strategies on mastering all related to papers assignments, Pains and Gains of Academic Writing is your real chance to improve the grades and take every essay as easy as shelling peas. The book may become your crib note whenever you are stuck with requirements, plagiarism, credible sources, decoration of charts, and slides.

Frankly speaking, compared to other books on the same topic, it really stands out. First off, a student will be glad to understand that authors understand their pain.

Secondly, a student will read the book without any pauses because of the boring content. Thirdly, Pains and Gains of Academic Writing is just a pure alternative to tutors whom you have to pay several times to see the results. While the book is a one-time investment that yields the fruits almost immediately.

Who Are CustomWritings?

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