5 Ways to Bring Your Faith into Everyday Life

Many of us lead hectic lives and probably don’t devote enough time to thinking about the actual meaning of life and giving thanks for everything we have.

Making time to attend religious services can be tricky when you have a career and family to juggle, and we may begin to feel neglectful and sad. Often it can be beneficial to find ways to incorporate your faith into daily life. Here are 5 ways to do just that!

1. Say a Little Prayer

Praying costs nothing, doesn’t take long to do, and you don’t have to travel for miles to do it. When you are sitting on the train on your daily commute to work, chopping up the vegetables for dinner, or lying in the bath, you can say a prayer.

You can pray about the issues dominating your thoughts, give thanks for everything you have, or ask for help to resolve a problem you or someone close to you may have. Pray throughout the day to feel close to your God.

2. Make it Your Mission

If you have an intense religious belief and want to share your thoughts with others or devote yourself to spreading and teaching your God’s word, you may want to think about studying a degree or college course based on religion.

Do some research online and look for institutions that offer courses that appeal to you. For example, Saint Paul School of Theology can help you receive your religious education if you live near Kansas or Oklahoma. If you struggle to travel, you could look into completing courses online.

3. Read the Good Book

Whenever you have a spare few minutes, like during coffee break or lunchtime, or before you go to sleep at night, you could read some passages from your holy book of choice, and this may enlighten you, answer any questions you may have, and make you hear God’s word.

4. Spread the Word

You could bring religion into each day by setting up a small discussion group with like-minded people at your work, college, or school. Arrange to meet at lunchtime or the end of the day. You can chat, make friends and pray together. This is a great way to create friendships that will be strong, rewarding, and everlasting.

Perhaps you would like to reach out to other people who don’t share your faith. You could do this by talking to people who look like they could use some support and advice and suggest they try to find faith. Never force it upon them, but let them know how your religion has benefitted you over your lifetime.

5. Listen to God’s Word

Just because you cannot make it to a place of worship regularly, it does not mean that you cannot hear God’s word. Listen to readings on the radio or download an app such as Devotional that gives readers a devotional to read every morning and evening.

Enjoy faith-based music on the radio or buy some CDs by bands such as Casting Crowns or Soulfarm.

You bring your faith everywhere you go because it is in your heart and your head.