Bringing Digital Dreams To Reality With An Animated Video Production Studio

The uprising of visual arts happened with the revolution in the digital and virtual world. Animation, digital art, and video production are still unknown but fascinated territory for many. We discover new technologies with ultra-speed, and more and more artists start mastering the craft of digital art. Animated video production requires skilled digital artists with expertise in numerous industries to be able to bring clients’ visions to the virtual world.

It could be challenging navigating the waters of the video production industry. Learning more about the use of animation in different sectors, new tech trends, and the benefits of cooperation with the animated video production company and their services will help you concur the digital art world with new bright ideas.

Perks of video production outsourcing

There is always a choice of hiring an in-house specialist for your animation project or finding a freelancer to do visual effects on your new ad. However, partnering up with an animated video production studio has its own advantages.

1. Cooperation with the best-skilled artists

The digital and game art industry is a narrow specialization field. Media production agencies recruit the most innovative in their ideas and skilled artists from the worldwide talent pool. That allows you to cooperate with truly passionate and inspiring artists who are highly motivated to bring your ideas to reality.

Digital agencies that work cross-industry have creators with unique specialization and experience to find a best-fitted digital solution for building your fantasy in the virtual world.

Recruiting such talents on your own would be highly time-consuming and would slow you down on your success journey. Why waste resources when you can have a team of brightest brains to introduce you to a digital art universe.

2. Staying on track with the main tech trends

Digital artists have to stay up to date with main tech trends and new technology options. A professional studio will open the doors for you to a new tech that could be used to elevate your project to a completely out-of-this-world level.

Sometimes it could be puzzling to understand what trends to apply to a project. Should it be a long-form, vertical, or social media-appropriate format? Don’t juggle too many balls at once and leave it to the experts to find the best solution to bring your message to the right audience.

3. Cost-effective solution

Being in charge of in-house video production could burn a hole in your budget. The recruitment process, training, office maintenance, access to required technologies, and employees’ social package overall will cost you more than outsourcing animated video production to the creative agency.

Animated video production as a cross-industry service

Animation studios have basically unlimited reach of influence. Pandemic brought a new perspective to the business owners. With no abilities for real-life filming, a lot of advertisements, tv-shows or educational projects jumped to animation. With videos taking over the marketing industry, there is no business out there that would not benefit from at least a small explanatory animation.

• Promotional videos for advertisement and marketing

Custom animation that represents the brand could be a breath of fresh air to your business. Eye-catching, fully animated commercials or adding quirky little characters in post-production could expand your audience and bring more attention to the brand.

• Cartoons development

Cartoon production is a fun, out-of-the-box way to deliver your message to the right audience. Animation studios can deliver a high-quality product: from a short educational animation to entertainment cartoon series.

• Computer graphics and VFX for motion pictures

Be already to the graphic artists to blow you away. From the gaming industry to full-on movies, VFX is widely used to create the most realistic dimension. Applying visual effects and computer graphics is a gold mine for a fully immersive and memorable experience that would leave your audience wanting more.

• Video explainers production

The 2D or 3D animation is used in video explainers and product presentation animation. In modern digital reality, it’s a must-have for business optimization and boosting your sales. A team of professional artists knows all the tricks and hacks on how to target the right audience from the first second.

How to choose a digital art and media production studio

To make the collaboration with the media studio successful, pay attention to the following criteria when choosing who to trust your ideas.

1. Customized approach

Explore their portfolio to see what kind of technology and drawing style they tend to use more. Look for the studios that have done various projects with different approaches. That indicates they’re client-orientated and driven by your vision and fantasies.

2. Quality level

Check the testimonials to learn more if the studio can be trusted with the project. Go through their previous work and keep an eye on details like voice-over, textures, etc. Choosing the company that can live up to its reputation and not stain yours.

3. Level of flexibility

When outsourcing the digital animation production agency, keep in mind that it could be offshore located. When you’re located in California, it could be challenging to schedule zoom calls with an agency located in Eastern Europe, India, or Australia. Both parties will have to be flexible in maintaining communication and smooth workflow.

4. Pricing strategy

Before starting your search, set the budget you’re going to be comfortable with. Look for a media studio that can have a fixed-price strategy meaning you won’t face any hidden fees in post-production.

The last word

Partnership with an animation production studio opens the door to a truly magnificent world of digital art where everything is possible. Let the best talents take the lead while you focus on your business. To succeed in your goal, find artists who are passionate about the animation world to join you on a journey to a virtual dimension, like Walla Walla studio