Bringing A New Dog To Home? 5 Items You Must Have

Yay! There would be a new member in your family soon, and it is terrific, exciting and happily overwhelming. It feels so great when you are going to have a company, an emotional support and a best friend. So far, the stereotypes about petting a dog have always been circling around picking an adorable name, a perfect pooch, and managing your own schedule with the dog’s activity times.

But petting is more than a pooch and a name!

You have to make your pet feel home and safe, maybe you are adopting and your dog has been through too much, then it should feel comfortable and secure around you, and you have to provide the best to your pet through an online pet store.

Here we have mentioned 5 major and crucial items that you must have for your puppy/dog that you are bringing home! Take a look.

Bringing a New Dog to Home? 5 Items You Must Have

Yes, you have got the right dog food brand, picked up a vet clinic nearby, but it’s more than that! Being affectionate, caring, playful and friendly is the type of owner your dog expects- and there are plenty of factors that you must consider before you bring in a puppy home.

1. Get your home prepared for a puppy

Bringing home a furry animal is fun, but your home needs to be ready for it. Arranging furniture accordingly, making way and ample space for your pet to play around is essential. Let me tell you, puppies are quite curious, and they get themselves into almost everything, even into the household items that they shouldn’t!

Well, puppy/dog proofing is what you need, only to protect your home and your furry friend. Make sure you keep your home cleaned and the floor must be swept- since puppies are just like toddlers, they wouldn’t know what’s what and they might just swallow it!

2. Get all the basics

Now it’s time for you to stock up all the basic items for your pet. Everything from pet toys to dog beds, only to make your family’s new member feel safe, comfortable and happy. So, what exactly would you need?

· Dog Crate
· Dog Bed
· Dog Food
· Dog Bowls
· Collars, belts, poop bags and holder
· Enzyme spray and carpet/rug cleaner
· Toothpaste and brush
· Dog ID Tags with name and address

However, you need to choose a good branded dog food that is in the industry for over years. Also, remember that you keep chocolates away from your furry friends, they are allergic to chocolates.

3. A reputed vet!

Sure, you must be having a veterinarian in your neighbourhood, but you need to make sure that the vet is completely qualified and has good branding for his/her services. You need to get your puppy to the vet for regular checkups and dental. Of course, vaccinations are a must too, and only a vet would know about it.

Well, if you already have other pets at home, then must be having a known vet on your speed dial, but if you don’t, then it’s time you picked one. You can book your first appointment with the vet and make it a regular one, if you like their services.

4. A dog trainer?

Okay, not every dog owner would need a dog trainer or some pet expert to train their dog, but most pet owners do require one, especially if they have aggressive or too mischievous dogs. You won’t need a dog trainer to train your Labrador or retriever, but you might need a trainer if you are getting a bulldog, boxer or pit-bull.

However, even without a dog trainer, you can discipline your dogs. You need to remember that you don’t leave your dog alone for too much time, and teach them proper manners. It’s exactly like raising a child- since you didn’t want to raise a spoiled dog, lol- you need to train and handle your furry friend properly.

5. Toys and tools

Whether it’s a golden retriever or a Pitbull, puppies are all playful and friendly. You need to get a handful of toys for your puppy to play. Because they are quite curious in nature, they might curiously check out your couch or cushion bed too!

From puzzle toys to chew toys and chase toys, pile up the toys accordingly and let your puppy enjoy it. Dog treats, grooming and bathing products are other most important tools that you must have at your home. Well, if you do not know about bathing your dog, you can take your furry friend to a vet or a pet grooming center.


Adding a new member to the family is always fun, but you need to be quite certain of all the expenses, maintenance, time, love and affection that you have to provide your dog with. You cannot just get a dog and abandon him/her after some time. They are here to love you, play and be affectionate to you, and it’s your responsibility too. There are plenty of other things and items that you might want to get home.