Broadway Eyewear Trends Making Waves In The Industry

Glasses may seem like a small accessory, but they can actually have a massive impact not only on your eyesight but also on your style. Your glasses can have a lot of personality—there’s a wide variety of styles, colors, and materials that you can use to make your aesthetic pop. While there are many different styles on the market, it isn’t easy to find the right frame to suit your style.

There are dozens of different styles available on the market, but just because something is popular doesn’t mean it will suit you. If you don’t know what style to get, you should check out these trendy Broadway eyeglasses for some strong options.

• Oversized Glasses

Retro ‘granddad glasses’ with oversized frames covering the entire eye area have become increasingly popular in recent years. Those who wear prescription glasses may prefer this type of frame—the edges of oversized glasses aren’t as visible when worn, compared to smaller rectangle frames that can obstruct the wearer’s field of vision.

Likewise, sunglasses with oversized frames also provide better protection against the sun than smaller designs, making them a popular choice. It also suits retro and vintage styles.

• Metal Frames

Eyeglasses’ frames are made with different materials such as nylon, cellulose acetate, metal, and many more. For those who want a minimalist look for their eyewear, metal frame glasses are a smart choice. Glasses with metal frames have thin edges, making them look less distracting when worn as compared to bold, thick styles.

• Geometric Glasses

Geometric glasses are also becoming an increasingly popular trend for their oddity and uniqueness. Eyewear with odd or edged frames adds character and style to those who wear them. Those who wish to add a statement piece to their everyday style can opt for glasses with defined frame shapes.

• Transparent Frames

Some styles look less distracting, allowing the wearer to look younger and more vibrant. Transparent eyeglasses are the least visible from afar, making them the right choice for those who do not like attracting attention to their eyewear. It’s also an excellent frame to pair with monochromatic or light-colored clothes, making it fashionable.

• Tinted Lens

A tinted lens is a good option for those who need prescription glasses but are always outdoors and need the protection associated with sunglasses. Eyewear can be made with a special lens has a tint that adjusts depending on the amount of light. It may also serve as a protection for the eyes against UV radiation. Those who have trouble seeing, especially in bright environments, can benefit from using eyewear with a tinted lens.

How to Find a Pair for You

Here are some tips when choosing your eyewear.

• Choose One That Compliments Your Face Shape: Some frame shapes may look your forehead bigger, or may make your face wider. Before settling on a specific pair of glasses, try out a few pairs first to make sure it will fit your face.

• Check Your Skin Tone: If you’re choosing a colored frame, then match the color with your complexion. Warm tones like brown, gold, or olive green go well with warm skin tones, while monochrome shades like black, gray, or white suit those with pale or cool complexions.

• Be Bold: The eyeglass you wear can represent your personality. If you want to look bold and adventurous, then pick frames with odd shapes or ones with striking colors. Some sunglasses have patterned frames and gradient tints, which can suit your bright personality and unique style.

Final Thoughts

Styles and trends come and go. Some trendy designs from decades ago can make a comeback and become popular once more, and some that seem to be safe fashion choices can lose their popularity.

Choosing a piece of eyewear that fits you shouldn’t just be dictated by what the public prefers. It would be best to consider your preference, style, and needs before buying a pair. If you plan on getting prescription glasses, then visit an expert to get fitted first. On the other hand, if you just wish to wear one for style, consider what’ll compliment your looks, and which will feel most comfortable for you to wear.