Online Personal Training: How to Build Your Fitness Business

As a personal trainer, building your fitness business should be the number one priority on your list. This, of course, is not an easy task as it involves efficiently managing every aspect of your fitness business. This includes finances, schedules, and most importantly, client relationships, but online personal training is an effective way to do so.

Online personal training involves working with clients to help them achieve their fitness goals. You do not need to meet with your clients physically, except it is essential, as you will train them digitally through available resources and tools. As an online fitness trainer, you can send your clients workout plans and constantly keep in touch to monitor their progress.

Many technological options make the work of an online personal trainer straightforward and stress-free, and one of these is an app for personal trainers to track clients (personal training software). Online personal training is becoming more relevant than ever as it helps to build your fitness business and keeps you organized with your clients.

Let us look at some of the different things you need to start online personal training and how it helps to build your fitness business.

Online Personal Training Software

The key to successful online personal training is through personal training software. These are apps for personal trainers to use to manage certain aspects of their business online. Before we take a look at the benefits, you must know the importance of online personal training software in online personal training.

Technology has come to make our lives easier, and the fitness business has not been left behind. There are so many things that you can do with personal training software as a fitness trainer, and several things your clients can benefit from using the software. Every personal training software should be able to perform some essential functions, and they include:

  • Create and share workout plans and exercise videos and cut and paste these plans for groups and multiple clients.
  • Track your client’s progress is a great way to highlight what they have achieved and still need to.
  • It makes two-way communication between fitness trainers and clients easy; clients can update about their day, and fitness trainers can send automated messages to keep in touch.
  • Store and send documents, including client personal information.
  • Keep track of bookings (in-person and online) and payments (receive a detailed financial report on all transactions).

Now that you know how personal training software can grow your fitness business and make management an easy task for you, let us move on to some of the things you need to start an online personal training business.

What you Need to Start an Online Personal Training Business

Apart from using personal training software to manage aspects of your business efficiently, written below are some other things you need for your online personal training business.

• Technological Devices

A personal trainer needs two devices to ensure the smooth running of their online fitness business. These devices could either be a camera or a laptop. You will use one device to create workout plans, exercise videos, and demonstrations during live training sessions. The other device will be used to operate the personal training software, input client information, send messages to clients, upload workout videos, and so much more.

• Virtual Training Space

To create exercise videos and conduct live workout sessions for clients, you need a virtual training space (one that is big enough for all you need to do and free from distractions). Your virtual training space should have ample lighting so you can train clients during the day. It should also serve as a workspace where you can sit and complete other tasks when you are not creating videos or holding sessions.

• Environment

The environment you choose for your online personal training must be noise-free. There should be little to no background noise like notifications on your phone or barking dogs. Your clients pay for their services, so every session must be professional.

Also, if your training space does not have enough lighting, you can try purchasing a ring light (depending on your budget) so that your moves will be highlighted.

• Benefits of Online Personal Training

  • Online personal training improves client retention as you can easily communicate with clients that live far away.
  • It helps to manage a growing client list through communication and motivation.
  • Online personal training software enables fitness trainers to communicate with clients and vice versa. They can send automated messages such as a happy birthday or payment reminder.
  • Fitness trainers can easily track all bookings and transactions through personal training software.
  • Clients have access to their progress when they use online personal training software; this helps them to stay focused and motivated.
  • Online personal training helps to keep your fitness business organized; all aspects are arranged categorically, and you have full access to them.
  • For clients, online personal training saves you from spending a high amount of money on a gym membership. Now, you can enjoy your workouts from the comfort of your home.


Online personal training is one of the best ways to build your fitness business, as many personal trainers opt for this method. It comes with a lot of advantages that benefit fitness trainers and clients. The best way to start your online personal training is by having access to the best app for personal trainers.