Can You Build Your Own Cigar Cooler?

You might love to establish your own humidor rather than buy one. DIY humidors are really a popular option to the wooden humidors available for purchase online.

Building your own humidor could be for a variety of reasons. People usually create their personal humidors for financial reasons because they are less expensive. It could, however, be part of a broader project or because what’s available isn’t tailored to any specific requirements.

You may learn how to safely and effectively create your private electric cigar humidor at home in this part of our humidor guidelines.

DIY Humidors of Various Types

Although DIY humidors may appear to be a specialised sort of storage, they are actually a broad phrase that encompasses a variety of projects. A homemade humidor can be as basic as a tupperware container filled with Boveda packets, or as complicated as an old wooden box with only a ventilation system.


Tupperdors are essentially tupperware containers used for keeping cigars and are the most frequent and easiest DIY humidor. Tupperware can be purchased at a home store and online, but there are a few things to keep in mind before getting started.

For example, not all containers will work, and you might need to add some cedar to guarantee that the environment is ideal for cigars.


“Coolidor,” a combination of “humidor” and “cooler,” is another popular DIY humidor. This is because they’re beer coolers that have been converted to cigar storage, but any airtight container will suffice.

A coolidor should not be confused with cigars coolers, which are two very distinct things.

A coolidor works on the same idea as a tupperdor, and on a much greater scale. As a result, it’s great for folks who have huge collections and need a storage solution.

Cabinets Antique

Finally, transforming antiques into cigar storage is a challenging but rewarding project. For those who appreciate carpentry and old wooden furniture, this could be a fantastic project..

Changing antique furniture into cigar storage is a difficult task that will take time and effort. There is a lot to think about, and it might be difficult to ensure that the furnishings is airtight and has the proper lining.

Some enthusiasts or specialists may even go so far as to construct a cigar cabinet from the ground up!

This may be a terrific project for folks who enjoy carpentry and antique wooden furniture. It’s not too dissimilar to creating a working, albeit modest, walk-in humidor if you wish to include high-tech ventilation & humidification equipment.

However, the finished result will be far more fulfilling, and you might even create an heirloom item.

Why Build a Humidor of Your Own?

Let’s start by discussing the numerous incentives for creating your own humidor. Why then would you get to go to the trouble of creating your own humidor when there are so many good ones on the market?


By far the most explicit reason is that creating your own humidor is a cost-effective option. Of course, this is highly dependent on the project in question. Wooden cigar humidors, on the other hand, are often more costly than tupperware!

As you’ll see in our numerous DIY methods, you’ll need to spend in a few extras in addition to the container. The humidifier and hygrometer are among them, as are some shelving and dividers.

Nonetheless, we frequently urge that any gadgets that come with a fresh humidor be replaced. As a result, the additional expenditures will frequently be equal.