Fast and Safe: Building Muscles for Beginners

Packing on some serious size and muscles is not an overnight endeavor. You have to create a plan that is tailored to meet your own body’s needs.

This is important since training to gain more muscles is not just about making yourself look good on Instagram. Training is also important for improving your overall health as it encourages you to eat nutritious foods and adhere to healthy lifestyle tips.

If you are a beginner in the world of muscle building, the following tips will prove to be helpful.

Take Muscle Building Supplements

Supplements serve as a huge contribution to anyone’s workout regimen. Taking in muscle building supplements that enhance HGH levels can also do wonders in helping you achieve your fitness goals. Having the right amount of Human Growth Hormone or HGH is important for boosting the process of muscle growth. It also helps you improve your strength and allow your body to recover fast from an injury or disease.

On the contrary, having low levels of HGH in the body may lead to a decreased quality of life and an increased risk of accumulating more body fats. Therefore, the importance of taking in supplements to boost your HGH levels cannot be overemphasized. 

Other supplements like creatine or green tea extract may also help you improve your physique more efficiently. Creatine may help boost your overall exercise performance, especially when you do high-intensity exercises like weight training. On the other hand, some weight loss supplements like green tea extract may aid your fat-burning process and enable you to lose weight within a shorter period.

Increase Your Training Volume

One of the most effective ways to gain muscles safely and quickly is to increase the training volume. Training volume is calculated by multiplying the number of sets by the number of repetitions.

Your training volume also largely determines your body’s muscle hypertrophy, i.e., the enlargement of your muscles. You should go lower in weight for you to be able to increase your training volume. For example, your lifts have to be done for 3 to 6 sets which will make up your 10 to 20 reps. You have to do this because intensity will drop once your body reaches the hypertrophy stage. 

Pay Attention to Compound Lifts

Compound lifts are examples of strengthening exercises that allow an individual to use multiple muscle groups at the same time.

These exercises help recruit more muscle mass. It enables an increased hormonal release which includes testosterone. Testosterone is a kind of hormone that plays a key role in muscle growth. Therefore, you have to make the compound lifts the cornerstones of workouts.

You can include movements like deadlifts or weighted squats in your workout regimen if you wish to target different muscle groups in your upper and lower body. You can perform them during the beginning of your exercise session to warm up your muscles. Afterward, you can focus on targeting specific muscle groups in your body. Treat isolation works like dessert after you have already completed your compound exercises. 

Keep in Mind the Importance of the Eccentric Phase

A study revealed that the eccentric phase works better than the concentric phase in jumpstarting the growth of muscles. You have to pay more attention to your eccentric phase to be able to build more muscles fast.

You have the option to prolong the eccentric phase by slowing down as you lower into a squat. Others choose to integrate routines that allow them to engage in eccentric-only variations. See to it that you are also increasing the amount of weight that you will use if you focus on eccentric-only routines.

Physiologically speaking, the muscles become stronger when they are moving in an eccentric phase than when they do during the concentric phase. 

Drink a Shake While Training

Drinking a shake that contains protein and carbs while training is a good way of sneaking in more calories. Mid-workout nutrition is important for keeping your energy and helping you sustain your training. Just don’t forget to watch out on your caloric-intake to avoid having stomach issues while training. It may be helpful to get a body composition examination before you create your workout regimen to determine your recommended daily calorie intake. This way, you’ll know how many calories you should consume to keep your body in optimal condition. 

Start with a modest amount of calories especially if you have not tried drinking a shake during mid-workout. A shake that contains 40 grams of carbs and 20 grams of protein would be ideal for starters. 

Reduce Your Rest Intervals Between Sets

Set a phone timer for 30-90 seconds if you have the habit of checking your smartphone between exercise sets. This length of rest period bosts a quick-release of hormones that promote muscle growth. When you are subjecting your muscles to a lot of fatigue by reducing your rest period between sets chances are high that you will be able to build muscles fast.

Experts reveal that allowing your muscles to experience too much fatigue is one effective way to trigger hypertrophy. So, never be afraid to feel your muscles burning

Work Your Muscles Up to Three Times Per Week

Consider working each of your muscles three times a week. Make a switch to full-body workouts as this will allow you to engage your whole body in every session. In turn, you will be able to work for each muscle group three times per week.

Now is the time to change your workout routines if it is designed to hit only one body part every week. Rapid muscle gain is more likely to be achieved when you increase the frequency of working for each muscle group. Just see to it that you keep the volume within low to moderate. This is important to avoid overtraining your muscles. 

In addition, it’s advisable to allow your body to rest whenever you perform high-intensity workouts. You can alternate the days for your weight training and cardio exercises to ensure your muscle have enough time to repair themselves.

After all, the delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) after an intense workout may make it challenging for you to move your body. Hence, it may be best to perform less strenuous movements the day after high-intensity training.

Final Thoughts

Keep these tips in mind wherever you’re working out. Do not forget to take into consideration your individual needs. Remember that your needs may be quite different from your training buddy. So, it is best to ask a fitness professional for sound advice regarding what may work for you and what will not.