How To Buy And Use Your Glass Hand Pipe The Right Way

Regular users will tell you that the glass pipe is the best way to smoke cannabis, and you will rarely find any contradictory opinions. Given the popularity of glass pipes, it is no wonder that the options can be overwhelming. Even experienced users find it challenging to select the perfect one.

While there may be numerous ways of consuming cannabis, those who prefer a glass pipe should take the time to assess their requirements carefully before purchasing one. With several options in the market, from steamrollers to plumbus bong, it is best to go through your needs to narrow down your list.

Finding the Perfect Glass Pipe

Do you wonder how you can select the perfect glass pipe? With some trial and error, you can have the glass pipes of your dreams soon, one that you would not want to part with. The perfect pipe for you will depend on what you are smoking and how you generally use your pipe. Here is what you should keep in mind:

The Right Type

Glass pipes are of various types, from traditional hand pipes to plumbus bongs, steamrollers, and sherlock pipes. There are several variants to choose from. Selecting the right shape is crucial to have a good experience.

The shape that will meet your needs depends on your personal preference, whether you are smoking flowers or cannabis concentrates. Generally, bongs provide a smoother experience than dry pipes, but dry pipes are better when you are smoking flowers.

Glass Quality

If you are an experienced user, you will know that not all glass pipes are made the same. While glass pipes can be expensive, you know that you are paying for quality. Cheaper glass pipes are often made of thin, low-quality glass, which falls apart after only a few uses.

When selecting a glass pipe to ensure that you choose one that says borosilicate glass or laboratory glass. The low-quality mass-produced glass pipes often contain harmful contaminants, which will not only hamper your smoking experience but can cause long-term health problems. While you do not have to select the most expensive pipe on the market, ensure that you do not sacrifice quality to save on cash.

Consider the Source

When buying a glass pipe, you need to head to a reliable source, whether that is a reputable seller or a glass artist themselves. Serval glass artists are cannabis users and often provide their creations for sale. When purchasing directly from glass artists, you can be assured of the quality of the glass pipes.

However, glass artists can often charge exorbitant rates for their pipes, making them inaccessible to many. Hence, many turn to a reputable seller known for quality pipes, have a wide range, and excellent delivery. Ensure that you go to trusted websites to select your glass pipe and do not end up purchasing low-quality pipes from unreliable sources.

While other factors also play a crucial role when selecting the perfect glass pipe, these are the most crucial points that you should keep in mind.

Using Your Pipe

Now that you know how to select the best pipe for you, you need to know how to use it the right way. Unless you use the pipe the right way, you will not enjoy your experience, no matter the pipe’s quality. While there are a few things to keep in mind as long as you are getting the results you want, there is no “wrong way” of using your pipe.

Packing the Bowl

Before you start using your pipe, you need to break up the cannabis evenly to ensure a smooth and slow burn. When packing the bowl, keep the cannabis loose at the bottom and more densely packed on top to ensure a smooth burn. While some people may use their fingers to break up the cannabis, it often leads to loss of product. Hence, many prefer a grinder to ensure that their cannabis is crushed evenly.

Lighting the Bowl

When lighting the bowl, keep the filter plugged. Ensure that you only light a small portion so that others do not have a deal with half-burnt residue. Usually, a regular lighter is sufficient, but others may experiment with different lighting methods as well.

Finding the perfect glass pipe is not enough if you do not use it the right way. To ensure consistent results, make sure that you are packing and lighting the bowl the right way. For a beginner, there is some trial and error involved, so do not be discouraged. Once you get the hang of it, you will wonder how you ever lived without your pipe!