Buying Psychedelic Mushrooms Online: Is It Safe?

Buying magic mushrooms might not be legal in all places, but its use is being increasingly decriminalized across the world. Even more important than the legal facet of using magic mushrooms is the question that looms over regarding such psychedelic mushrooms’ safety. You can procure magic mushrooms primarily from three sources. These are as follows:

  • Online
  • From street alleys
  • And from the wild

As we mentioned, while it is indeed legal to buy and use magic mushrooms in some countries, others prohibit such sales. Canada, for example, has restrictions in using psychedelic drugs but it’s not entirely prohibited. Buying magic mushrooms online in Canada is more popular than buying in physical stores. In these countries, magic mushrooms are a controlled substance. In the US, magic mushrooms come with the classification of a schedule 1 drug.

In other words, the government considers this psychedelic drug to be of no medical use and with high susceptibility for abuse.

How to Purchase Psychedelic Mushrooms Online

Purchasing psychedelic mushrooms online is safer and more accessible than all the other methods through which you can get hold of them. Of course, it might be illegal to buy magic mushrooms at your location, but if you do so, buying online is the best option for you.

Remember, there are over 180 species variants of magic mushrooms. Considering that fact, it is perhaps somewhat surprising to note that, typically, only the Psilocybe Cubensis species is available for sale online.

In turn, this species comes in over 40 different strains based on their source location of the discovery of the variant. Some growers of magic mushrooms also mix and match with other strains, which creates even more new variants.

However, magic mushrooms are not for everyone. It is positively harmful to some people with particular mental health issues. You can find safe magic mushrooms in the following forms for purchase online:

1. Growing Kit

This form of magic mushrooms sold online comes with a substrate filled box. This substrate is injected with the mycelium of magic mushrooms. Make sure that you are ordering a mushroom variety fit for human consumption.

After getting the kit, all you need to do is expose the mycelium to light, air, and water. You will find that the substrate has developed into fully grown magic mushrooms in less than a week.

2. Spore Print

You create a spore print by cutting off the mushroom’s cap. Then you place it with the gill side down onto a foil patch. After that, you cover the cap with glass. Give this mushroom cap about 24 hours and come back to it after a day.

When you do so, you will find thousands of small spores when you take off the glass cap. You can use such spores by scraping them into distilled water, followed by loading the solution into a syringe. Next, all you need to do is inject the spores into the soil or substrate in which you want your mushrooms to grow.

3. Spore Syringes

This last safe option to buy magic mushrooms online is to choose a spore vial or syringe. They have the spores mixed in them from before, along with distilled water. Some magic mushrooms produce a minimum number of spores making the spore print method almost impossible. For these varieties, a spore syringe is a good option.

Through this article, you got to know of all the ways through which you can procure psychedelic mushrooms online. For safety, the best option open to you is to order the spore print. Such orders constitute a simple foil piece in a bag with a ziplock. This should serve to ensure maximum safety for you. Happy tripping!