8 Things To Know Before Buying Swing Sets For Your Kids

A recent study by the Seattle Children’s Research Institute mentioned that children aging from 10 to 16 spend not more than 12.6 minutes per day on various outdoor activities. Shocking, isn’t it?

In the world of digital gaming, we all are aware of the need for our kids to enjoy the outdoor world. Swing sets can help you promote outdoor play and facilitate the overall development of your child.

The recently-hit global pandemic has further limited your child’s out-of-the-house movements. An indoor infant swing is one way for them to have a similar experience to outdoor gaming. But before you invest in a swing set, there are few things you must take into consideration, in order to make a proper choice.

To help you with that, I have enlisted a few checkpoints that will help you in getting the right swing set that your home deserves.

1. Analyze the Area Size

It is pretty obvious that if you are getting a product as big as a swing set, you must take into account the available area at your place. An oversized swing set wouldn’t fit and an undersized swing set will not complement your space. Thus, make sure you have a proper understanding of the available space before you head out to buy a swing set.

2. Analyze Your Family Size

You also need to consider whether there will be enough room for multiple children to be actively swinging and the rest kids to run around the swing set at the same time. If your family consists of 2-3 children, you need to be very careful with the type of swing set selection.

3. Design and Material Selection

Your choice of design will actually fulfill your child’s needs. Different playsets will have a different impact on your kid’s life and their needs. For instance, having a monkey bar, a slide, and a small rock-climbing wall, will surely make for a good workout session of a day for your child.

Options available in the material are wood and metal. Blend of plastic with metal or wood with plastic parts are also wise choices.

4. Check out the Features of the Playground

You need to be aware of your child’s needs when getting a playset. The best way to know your child’s need in a swing set is by taking them to a local playground.

Observe what fascinates them the most and where they spend time, the most. You might have to accompany them a couple of times but it helps you in making a great choice of a swing set.

5. Analyze the Surface of Your Place

A swing set is not just a playset, it is a huge playset that requires proper surface area. Whatever area you choose for the swing set, ensure that it is a relatively flat surface.

Yes, swing sets do have the ability to adjust themselves even on an uneven surface but having a flatter surface area gives stability. Hence, finding an adequate surface area is necessary.

6. Double-check Safety

Safety concerns are of utmost concern when it comes to kids. The same applies to a swing set. If a swing set is being used by multiple children at a time, safety features become a prime feature. Ensure that you have gone through these points before getting a swing set:

• Does your selected swing set come with recessed hardware (not sticking out)?
• Does your swing set is made up of commercial-grade or cheap hardware?
• Is the wood in your swing set pre-drilled for convenience?

Only if you have a proper answer to all these concerns, make your choice of the swing set.

7. What’s Your Budget?

Budget analysis is important for anything you get for either yourself or for your child. Always select a swing set that is budget-friendly. It’s not wise to burn a hole in your pocket just to give your child a luxurious swing set; a basic swing set will give him/her an equal amount of joy and delight.

Wooden swing sets will cost you more than metal swing sets but they are worth the investment as they will not be varnished in rain or snow.

8. Installation Including Labor Costs

Yes, the swing sets online come with an installation manual that includes 100+ steps to follow which might be burdensome for you. It is recommended to hire someone who is more experienced to help you with the installation. Also, do not forget to include labor costs during installation.

On to You…

Now that you know everything about buying a swing site for your child. What’s the wait worth for? Ready. Set. Go.