Do You Want To Add A Cable Railing To Your Deck?

Whatever may be the style or size of your home, having a deck can always help in expanding your living space, help you to get an outdoor view, and enable you to remain outside while working with your laptop, and help you enjoy a fantastic view.

A deck cable railing supplied by Inline Design can always add a clean and modern look to your old deck. If by adding a cable rail system your home gets a contemporary look then you must surely go for them as cable railing offers several modern features.

Nowadays, cable railings are turning out to be quite popular as the cables can provide a safety barrier and also offer a view of the outside. The following are a few things that you must consider while adding a cable railing:

  • Building code requirements of your area.
  • Have a better understanding of the structural rigidity after the installation.
  • What type of frames you prefer and from where to buy them?
  • Which cable/fittings to be used?
  • How to install them?

Building codes

In the USA, cable railings are mostly allowed by building codes. In many areas, if your rail is more than 30″ off the ground, then it must be a minimum of 36” tall. In a few areas, it must be 42” tall.

Cables must be spaced and tensioned for preventing a 4” ball from passing through the opening. Contact your local enforcement office before buying them.

Structural rigidity

The cables must be tensioned for meeting the 4” ball code requirement. This will place plenty of force on your end posts. It is not very practical to tense the cables so most cable railing manufacturers prefer a 3” to 3¼” space between the cables.

You may seek help from a professional before the installation as it will be very expensive the rectify at the latter stage.


Basically, there are 3 types of material suitable for the post of cable railing:

1. Metal

Metal posts are available in many different styles to match your home’s architectural style. Metal posts also have high strength.

2. Wood

For rustic home style, wood posts can be a good choice. But wood is not the best choice if preserving your view is your primary concern. However, for a low budget choice, you may go for wood.

3. Concrete

Concrete is generally used where there is a wall or column.

Cables and fittings

Cables and fittings will usually come in several types and styles. You may seek some advice from any cable/fitting suppliers that you can easily search out on the web. For easy installation, look for quick-lock fittings.

A few companies supply both the posts as well as the cable/fittings in the form of a kit that takes away the guesswork.


Installation of cable fitting is not a difficult process, if you are a little bit of a technical type of person. A typical deck rail can easily be installed by a few people during the weekend. When you are done, you can just sit back enjoy the beautiful view.