Essential Car Maintenance Tips For New Drivers

While owning a vehicle and earning a license gives you the freedom to travel and get around with ease, owning a car also comes with the significant responsibility of general upkeep.

Car maintenance is vital for various reasons. Not only will maintenance uphold vehicle value, but these efforts will also prevent major repair needs while also keeping you safe on the roads.

With this, if you’re a new driver that’s not entirely sure where to start with vehicle maintenance, these essential tips will help you keep up with caring for your car.

Purchase Auto Insurance

Auto insurance might not cover your routine maintenance and repair costs, although it will cover the costs of repair needs caused by covered events. These covered events often include instances like objects falling on your car, weather damage, and some others.

Moreover, insurance also pays for major repair needs caused by collisions, and you’ll also be covered in the event of theft. Assess quotes with the cheapest auto insurance companies as this policy is crucial for all drivers.

What’s more, there are also quite a few practical ways to save on car insurance premiums, like taking advantage of discounts, increasing your deductible, and others. So, insurance protection really doesn’t have to cost much at all.

Book Services At Recommended Intervals

Your car will need to go for different service plans; an interim or basic service every six months. In addition, you will need to take your vehicle for a full service every year and book a major service every two years.

It’s never wise to prolong the need for a vehicle service of any kind; doing this can lead to unnecessary vehicle damage. Because some vital engine components are replaced and cleaned during services, neglecting these auto appointments can cause extensive engine damage.

Keep It Clean

It’s essential to keep your car clean, especially when considering that a dirty exterior can eventually rust and become damaged. The interior can also be damaged through cleaning neglect.

Book your car for a wash periodically, or clean your car regularly at home yourself. It’s a relatively easy habit to develop for the sake of vehicle value.

Check The Oil Periodically

It’s critical to check the oil level in your engine every two weeks. Moreover, you should also check oil levels before a long trip. Checking the oil is one of the quickest maintenance tasks, as it only takes a couple of minutes, and adequate oil levels are critical in preserving engine health.

Check Tire Pressure Monthly

Tire pressure significantly impacts vehicle performance, and driving on a flat can cause extensive damage to your car. Beyond this, it’s also crucial to check tire pressure monthly to look for signs of a tire blowout and monitor the thread.

Vehicle maintenance requires quite a bit more than merely booking your car in periodically for services. In addition to the above, practicing safe driving and avoiding bad driving habits is also critical in maintaining engine health.