9 Lucrative Career Opportunities For The World Traveler At Heart

If you’re dreaming of leaving the desk behind for the airplane lap tray, you’re not alone. The world is chock full of beautiful places, and it’s possible to visit each of them while earning a living. Travel-focused careers let you see the world and inspire others to do the same. Here are nine lucrative career opportunities for those with a wanderlust that just doesn’t quit. 

What you need to know about travel-focused careers

Before you jet off in your travel-based career, it’s essential to prepare for your journeys. Being away from home for weeks or months can create challenges for even the most seasoned jet setters. It’s challenging to connect with colleagues, and many travel workers report having less free time than when they worked at a permanent location. These challenges are often worth it for the lifestyle, but you should still prepare for your new career. 

Make sure you stock up on tools before you start traveling. Some items to invest in include:

  • A digital luggage scale
  • Google Drive app
  • TripAdvisor app
  • Quality luggage set 
  • Travel credit card 

Many would-be nomads find themselves warded off by the sheer logistics of constantly moving from place to place. If red tape is taping you to the ground, you don’t have to worry. There’s a fix for any logistical problem you could face as a frequent traveler in today’s digital world. 

For example, many travel workers rely on virtual platforms to attain PO boxes with real addresses. These PO boxes give figures in the travel industry an address and a place to receive their mail. You can also use a smartphone app or web portal to view and manage your mail from anywhere in the world, making this tool an excellent example of how easy the forever-traveler’s life can be. 

1. Work on a cruise ship

If you want to see the world and meet people from all over the globe, working on a cruise ship might be the career path for you. You’ll have extended hours and very little space to call your own, but you’ll also have a front-row seat at gorgeous ports of call. 

2. Take care of children

Busy families often hire nannies to help with their children. Families that live overseas appreciate having a bilingual nanny who can help their children become fluent in English or another language. 

Families provide comfortable living spaces, food allowances, and exceptional pay. Some families bring their nannies with them when they travel, so you might get the added benefit of seeing the world while you take care of the children. 

3. Become a travel writer

If you want to see the world and be your own boss, consider travel writing. The key to success is differentiating yourself from other travel writers and posting your work on well-structured websites. You might not make much money right away, but with persistent social media posting and quality topics, you’ll win over an audience. 

4. Teach English overseas

Overseas schools need English teachers to help their native speakers learn the most popular second language. Before most schools hire you, you might need to earn a teaching certification or a TEFL/TESOL certificate from an accredited university. 

Many overseas schools ask their visiting English teachers to commit to year-long jobs. These institutions often provide housing and food allowances for visiting English teachers. Teaching can be intimidating, but most students appreciate their teachers, so you’ll be providing a sorely-needed service. 

5. Work as a traveling nurse

Quality healthcare providers are in demand. If you have any training, certification, or degrees in healthcare, you can find work all over the globe. Most traveling providers work in one location for a few months to a year, then travel to other places. You’ll be busy, but you should have some time to see the sites. 

Traveling healthcare providers often visit third-world locations rather than cosmopolitan cities. Some traveling nurses sign on to cruise ships or work at large resorts. You might have a say in where you go, or you could take a chance by visiting wherever your organization sends you. 

6. Organize international events

Event planners who work internationally can find jobs in major cities like Tokyo, Sydney, Istanbul, and Cairo. This job usually requires event planners to travel for meetings and events. The massive events might involve several months of planning, so you could live in one location while working with your local team. 

7. Work as a flight attendant

Like cruise ship employees, flight attendants get to see the world while attending to other travelers. Most flight attendants usually see the inside of airports while they’re working, but they can take advantage of discounted or free flights on their days off. 

Many international flight attendants begin their careers on domestic carriers. You might have to build your resume that way before you can start to travel the world on international airlines. 

8. Become a travel agent

Travel agents don’t usually travel the world with their clients, but they do get to take advantage of discounted travel opportunities. Some resorts and entertainment venues offer free travel for agents who commit to selling their destinations to clients. 

9. Become an outdoor adventure instructor

Travelers enjoy going skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving, and kayaking when on vacation. If you have an adventure-related skill that you can teach to travelers, you’re in demand. Resorts and adventure companies like to hire seasonal workers, and they often provide housing. You might work for tips, an hourly wage, or a seasonal flat rate. 

Wrap up

If you’re looking for a job that lets you see the world, consider your skills, where you want to work, and how much you expect to be paid. Opportunities exist as long as you’re patient enough to find your dream travel job.