4 Best Career Options For Students Who Love Fashion

Are you someone who likes to remain updated about the newest trends in the fashion industry? Do you love reading or knowing about the latest styles and trends gripping the market? Would you like to explore innovation and creativity in styles to allow people to dress up as per their personality or occasions? If your answer is yes to all the above questions, then be ready to explore your career in Fashion as it will be one of the right paths for you to go ahead.

A career in Fashion is very much demanding. It is a perfect blend of aesthetics, originality, creativity, and style, and if you have these qualities, then a glamorous industry waits for you. The passion required to be successful in the fashion industry, but being updated with the newest designs, clothing, brands, and accessories, is also needed to make it big.

If you are a fashion enthusiast and exploring career options in the industry, here is the list of style and fashion related careers that you would like to have a look at:

1. Fashion Photographer

They work closely with fashion and modelling houses like Hunter Talent, models, fashion designers, and fashion labels. Their main job is to shoot and conceptualize portfolios and photographs to showcase Fashion as effectively and pleasantly as possible. The most required traits for any fashion designer are he or she should be artistic and creative.

While considering Fashion Photography as a career, the individual needs to know many technical skills to master the art. It includes awareness of the latest fashion trends, lightning effects, and varied sharpness and composition styles. Social skills are also a must for them as they need to regularly interact and coordinate with many people.

Photo editing is a must-have work after photographing. The essence of professional fashion photo editing is storytelling. And the possibilities are endless when it comes to how you tell it.

How to start?

As a newbie, you can look for a basic photography course, or if you have any idea, you can build your portfolio. Also, you can start working as an intern under an experienced photographer. Start building your own social media pages as it helps people seeking similar services to know about you. Basic knowledge of Fashion and makeup is required.

2. Fashion Stylist

A fashion stylist’s role is to make celebrities and actors look like stars. It also involves working with many public figures on their outfits, accessories, footwear, make up, etc., for the events like photoshoots for various occasions, press conferences, parties, and media interviews. The career option will work great for you if you’re fascinated with the glamorous and media industry and would like to interact with celebrities regularly.

The popularity of the people you work with will directly affect your portfolio as your creativity, talent, and work are seen by a large number of people. If you are not keen on celeb styling, you can reach out to publications as they always look for stylists to style their artists and source the varied looks for ads and shoots.

Being a wardrobe or fashion stylist, the contacts and network you tend to build over time with your influential folks will pave your way for further interesting opportunities.

How to start?

A diploma or degree course in fashion styling will allow you to be a certified stylist. If you are not keen on pursuing a professional course, you can start creating a portfolio by styling your colleagues and friends.

Always try working as an intern under a well-known website, magazines, and stylists. Traits required to be successful as a fashion stylist are color schemes, fashion trends, fashion terms, and conditions.

3. Fashion Blogging

Slowly and steadily the fashion blogging has penetrated the fashion industry. Undoubtedly is a great choice for people who are passionate about Fashion and eager to start with small steps and have their eyes on making it bigger.

If you love Fashion and like to express your views on it, then a high salary and income is awaited ahead for you. You can also try it as a hobby if you love sharing your style and thoughts with others.

For Fashion blogging effectively and earn your living, you need to be extroverted and read the latest fashion trends. Watching videos on various platforms to learn about fashion bloggers and self-branding is also an important aspect of fashion blogging.

How to start?

To succeed as a fashion blogger, no certification is required. To start building a blog, you need to be active on social media websites and be consistent in the quantity and quality of content.

Always focus on increasing your social visibility and growing your followers. Posting beautiful pictures and stylish ensembles will attract followers to share, comment, and subscribe. Approach brands for posting product reviews and collaborations.

4. Fashion Designer

Sky’s the limit if you want to be a fashion designer. It is a creative field associated with the design of clothing, accessories, and lifestyle. It is one of the lucrative courses chosen by fashion enthusiasts and eager to make their career in the fashion field.

The fashion industry is quite dynamic, and the latest trends come and go quickly. Making your own space in this competitive world requires a lot of hard work, consistent efforts, and fashion passion.

How to start?

There are many causes all across the globe to learn about fashion designing. You can also learn about various electives like textile and apparel designing, fashion technology, jewelry designing, accessory designing, etc. A fashion designing course is like an umbrella. You can choose one of the electives if you have a flair for any of them.