How The Casino Business Utilizes AVL Design Features

Businesses worldwide employ many strategies to impress their consumers, and using an AVL system is one of them. Audio, video, and lighting (AVL) features help create an immersive experience for customers and affect how much money they spend on a company’s goods or services.

One industry that understands the importance of AVL features is the casino industry, and even though land-based casinos were the first examples of the industry using AVL design features, we can see similar themes in the growing online gambling industry.

In 1998, the Bellagio Hotel opened in Las Vegas, and it was the first time a casino used Roger Thomas’ playground design. The playground design uses audio, video, and lighting to create an inviting environment that encourages gamblers to stay longer because they enjoy what’s around them. This contrasts with the often dark and maze-like designs used by traditional casinos.

Because of these design elements, like fountains, florals, sculptures, as well as open and well-lit rooms, the Bellagio Hotel became a household name, generating the largest financial gains for a single property in Las Vegas history.

The AVL Method

Audio is a powerful stimulus, and music can make a difference in our moods and decisions. The casino industry uses this to its advantage by playing everything from eclectic playlists featuring popular hits to vintage tracks for older generations.

Some casinos also use performance audio systems for live bands. Video and lighting are also important in the casino experience, which is why many modern casinos use different colored lighting. Colors can affect our moods, as per the popular color psychology theory, and visual media like video screens also boost the gaming experience.

AVL design elements may also explain why some games are more popular than others. In particular, slot games are among the most played (offline and online), and many slots combine audio, video and lighting to create games with bright themes, upbeat playlists, and animated graphics such as symbols and reels.

For example, Fluffy Favourites is a 2021 PGA Nominee, and the 25-line slot game from Eyecon takes place in a colored funfair setting full of animated animals like rabbits, giraffes, turtles, and lions. The game, which has an RTP of 95.3%, is also full of upbeat sounds and music triggered by free spins and landing features like crane symbols.

Other examples of slot games with themes that utilize the AVL method include Rainbow Riches and its several variations. No matter how games or casinos use AVL features, open, inviting, and colorful audio, video and lighting always help attract and retain players.

What started as an idea between Roger Thomas and Steve Wynn to create well-lit, open land-based casinos with glamorous and inviting features has transformed the gambling industry. This influence has even reached the online gambling industry and explains why online casino operators are continuously adding new games like slots with bright themes and upbeat accompanying music and visuals.

As software and gaming technologies become more advanced, we suspect more casino businesses in the industry will start using AVL design systems too.