The Best Casinos From A Tourist’s Perspective

The ability to travel the world and to experience glamorous locations remains a driver for most of us. Whether we are lucky enough to spend much of the year flitting from country to country or, we limit ourselves to one big trip, a tourist’s life is one that raises passion in all of us.

For those who are aiming for that level of glamour, an obvious choice is to combine travel with online casino play. A trip to Las Vegas, Macau or Atlantic City can offer some breathtaking sights and at the heart of each journey, are some mind blowing casino developments.

The travel industry continues to grow each year and for those interested in casino tourism, here are some of the best gaming establishments from around the world.

The Bellagio: Las Vegas

It’s not all about one location but for many, casino tourism just wouldn’t be the same if it didn’t involve poker in Las Vegas. It’s an iconic location and while much of America is only just waking up to the potential of casino play, the State of Nevada has been the main driver in the country for many years.

As for The Bellagio, film goers may find it familiar and that’s likely to be because of its prominent role in the hit movie Oceans 11. With its stunning design and opulent decor, this location was a perfect choice for the film but there is plenty of substance behind that Hollywood glamour.

The building is separated from the main strip by an eight acre lake and inside, the vast floor space is home to major poker tournaments while there are some 2,300 slot machines. These are the highlights but all main casino games are covered so there is something at The Bellagio to suit all tastes.

The Venetian: Macau

The Venetian may not be able to match The Bellagio in terms of grand designs but what it may lack in beauty, it compensates fully in its sheer size. With a floor space measuring some 530,000 square feet, it’s simply the largest casino in the world and that fact alone is enough to draw in significant global tourism.

Macau is a spectacular resort with plenty of overall choice but there are obvious reasons why The Venetian stands out. That vast space with four themed gaming areas allows for all manner of casino games and there are 500 tables and over 3,000 slot machines to choose from.

It’s not just about casino play: The leisure complex in The Venetian allows for hotel and restaurant facilities and residents can even take a gondola ride through the interior in order to appreciate its enormous scale.

Sun City Casino Resort: South Africa

Any round up of best global casinos will tend to focus on two specific locations. In fact, we’ve already been to them as we have showcased both Las Vegas and Macau but that doesn’t mean that other parts of the world have little to offer.

The density of top class casinos may be lower elsewhere but some destinations shine through and that’s the case with Sun City. The location is styled on Vegas but it’s been taken out to the South African bush – some two hours outside of Johannesburg.

Away from the tables, the big draw for tourists is a stunning safari but back inside the resort’s doors, a host of casino fun awaits. Sun City currently plays host to more than 850 slot machines and some 40 gaming tables where the focus is on the classics such as baccarat, roulette and the most popular versions of poker such as Omaha and Texas Hold’Em.

Foxwoods Resort Casino, Ledyard Connecticut

Size isn’t everything but Las Vegas property owners may not be too happy with the fact that the largest casino in the United States lies some way outside of the strip. That particular honour currently resides with the Foxwoods resort where the sheer scale of the operation allows for one of the biggest choices of games, anywhere in the world.

Opened in 1968 and operated by the Mashantucket Pequot tribe, the resort comprises a total of six casinos and when the floor space is added together, it comes to a colossal 4.7 million square feet. With that kind of size at its disposal, it’s no great surprise that Foxwoods can boast some 17,000 gaming machines with all popular casino games covered.

Hippodrome Casino, London

Situated right in the heart of London’s Theatreland, the Hippodrome is widely regarded as the best UK casino as far as gambling tourists are concerned. Its location is perfect for those who want to take in a show or to explore the wider city but there’s plenty to enjoy from a gaming perspective.

Opened as recently as 2009, the location provides all popular card and table games while adjacent rooms host the type of entertainment that was once offered by the Hippodrome when it started out as a performance centre in 1900.

All of the casinos in this round up offer something a little different but for the tourist, there is always something to enjoy. The main focus will always be on playing at the tables or on the slots but the resorts offer a little extra too.

Whether it’s a safari, local sightseeing or simply relaxing in the opulent surroundings, the entire package offers a multi-faceted approach to your next casino adventure.