6 Effective Ways Of Catching A Cheating Spouse

After years of marriage or being in a casual relationship, instincts might tell you that your partner has something hidden. Relationship therapists often advise partners to have honest communication, and although it’s the best course of action, it might fail to yield the results you want.

There are several ways to spy and catch your cheating spouse, and although some are legally questionable. In contrast, others breach your better half’s privacy; your most significant priority right now is to find answers. 

1. Track Your Spouse’s Phone

Most phones have a GPS tracker that can be manipulated using simple spyware software. Using GPS technology, you can track your better half’s movement, especially if they have iOS or Android phones. Enable the location sharing icon on your partner’s phone then install a spyware app that you can get on the Play store.

Besides using the spyware app, you can also monitor your partner’s location at your laptop’s comfort by observing their movement on Google maps. GPS trackers are known to be accurate, and it will make life easier once you enable the settings on your partner’s phone. Also, consider adding your account on your partner’s phone, which will help you spy on your spouse with your computer.

2. Get an Investigator

Hiring a private detective is perhaps one of the most effective ways of catching a cheating spouse since you won’t raise any eyebrows. The Victory Investigators recommend finding licensed investigators that will provide professional services and report their findings in a timely and accountable manner.

Experienced investigators use their expertise to provide their clients with reliable and cost-effective investigations. They will operate by tracking your spouse day and night till they get tangible evidence that points to your partner’s infidelity.

Partners who are in relationships bound financially or those in marriages often prefer hiring private detectives since they are useful in doing their job. 

3. Visit them Unannounced 

Your partner probably cheats in your absence, and they might give you lame reasons why they would want a separate house. If you have your doubts, drop by their home or office unannounced, or you can visit them at odd hours when they are not expecting you.

As you implement this strategy, let it not appear as though you are spying. Make up excuses on why you drop by unannounced. You might catch your partner in the act, or they might be angry with you since you came unannounced.

However, most cheating partners have mastered the art of reverse psychology; therefore, they might lay the blame on you. Beware of such tactics and stand your ground.

4. Install Hidden Cameras

Most homes have nanny cams that parents install to ensure the safety of their kids. You can use the nanny cams to spy on your partner, considering that they are small cameras that can fit in watches, buttons, spectacles, alarm clocks, toys, or tissue paper. It would be hard for your partner to notice the camera; therefore, you won’t raise suspicion.

Nanny cameras come with different features; thus, you can get one with a voice recorder and motion sensors. With the hidden camera, you can catch a cheating spouse remotely using your laptop or smartphone. 

5. Check Their Trash Bin

Computers have recycled bins, and your cheating partner might forget to empty incriminating evidence. Also, some cloud services allow you to restore deleted items. If your partner receives voice messages, then you can retrieve the information using cloud servers. If they deleted some apps, you can restore them and analyze the content.

It’s also important to note that emails have trash bins that most people ignore. The emails in the trash accumulate, and you can retrieve them and go through the content.

6. Spy on Their Bank Statements and Mobile Transactions

Your spouse probably sends money to their other partner, and you can catch them by looking for odd transactions on their financial statements. Try and identify abnormal transactions such as hotel bills, jewelry purchases, lingerie, and lodging charges levied on their credit card. Such odd transactions can be proof of infidelity, and you can use them when confronting your spouse.

You can also use financial management software that monitors all transactions; therefore, you can sit on your laptop and notice when things are not right. 

Spying on your spouse is unethical, but in situations where you are pushed to the wall, you are left with no choice but to intrude on their privacy. You no longer have to rely on your gut feelings to find proof that your spouse is cheating on you. These six methods can help prove your claim, and the best part is that you get to relax at home and get all the information you need.