The Connection Between CBD and Gut Health

Health food stores and nutritionists these days sell not only probiotics to help gut health, but also pre-biotics and other products that can help create a healthy digestive microbiome.

The benefits of a healthy gut include a stronger immune system, better weight management, and an increase in mental and emotional well-being.

Products that can help manage your gut’s microbiome include CBD tinctures. These are alcohol-based extracts that contain CBD, or cannabidiol.

What is CBD?

Found in both cannabis and hemp, CBD can also be manufactured. Unlike THC, it does not create euphoria.

Health Benefits of CBD

CBD tinctures and oils from places like HempFusion can help users feel more relaxed by reducing cortisol levels. Produced by the adrenal glands, cortisol is also called the stress hormone. People who suffer from high levels of anxiety may find that using CBD helps them stay more relaxed.

CBD can also contribute to serotonin production, which has a beneficial effect on feelings of well-being. There are also anti-inflammatory properties associated with this substance that might make it of value for those suffering from digestive issues. Finally, some believe that CBD has value as an antioxidant.

CBD Oil for Digestive Issues and Gut Health

When the digestive microbiome is not balanced, inflammation can result. This can lead to chronic disease, as a compromised digestive tract may introduce toxic matter into the bloodstream.

Since the gut microbiome is an essential facet of the body’s immune system, when it is compromised, then the digestive tract can experience an inflammatory response due to weakened immunity. This can result in skin problems such as acne and eczema. Other serious issues include a lack of mental clarity, tiredness, aching joints, hormone imbalances, thyroid problems, and a lack of sexual desire.

CBD may aid those suffering from digestive issues such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and colitis as well as bloating and gas. When cortisol levels are too high, this can damage tissues.
Because CBD lowers cortisol levels, it can even provide relief to those whose gut lining has been compromised or prevent leaky gut. When cortisol levels are managed, digestive health can improve.

Finally, CBD can be helpful for those trying to avoid over-eating as it may help manage appetite.

How to take CBD oil for better gut health

CBD can be taken specifically to treat particular symptoms such as bloating, cramps, and other digestive issues. It can also be taken in times of great stress to reduce anxiety and emotional upheavals. While many people prefer to use as needed, others prefer to take a small dose once or twice a day, in the morning and early evening.

It’s best to start with the smallest possible dose and gradually increase if needed.

While a CBD tincture can be added to one’s morning coffee or an evening cup of herbal tea, for those who are suffering from a compromised GI tract, taking it sublingually may be best as this bypasses the digestive system. In that case, the dosage is placed underneath the tongue and held in place for a minute or so before it is swallowed.

This allows the capillaries in the mouth to absorb the cannabidiol.