Top 6 CBD Chocolates and Where to Buy Them

If you’ve ever tried CBD in an ingestible form, you’ll know it isn’t the most pleasant tasting compound. However, its healing properties cannot be denied. It is thus only natural to seek alternative edible forms of CBD oil. And what could be a better way to disguise CBD’s taste than to combine it with chocolate, an all-time favorite snack the world over? Consider this blog post as your initial guide to the top 6 CBD chocolates and where to buy them in 2020.

What Is CBD?

The hemp plant belongs to the cannabis family. It has over 113 chemical compounds, of which Cannabidiol or CBD is one. A range of ailments, including anxiety and inflammation, have been successfully treated with Cannabidiol. It has also been recommended for patients with arthritis and fibromyalgia. CBD’s muscle-relaxing properties are what make it an incredibly versatile substance.

CBD can be consumed both orally and topically. It is often infused in everyday consumables such as chocolates and candy for people who don’t want to take pills and are uncomfortable with creams and lotions for topical administration.

Will CBD Get Me ‘High’?

The hemp plant is cultivated for its high CBD and low THC or tetrahydrocannabinol levels. CBD won’t get you high but THC can. Check out the research here. CBD does not produce any euphoric effects, which is why some people prefer it.

Is CBD Legal?

Cannabis-related laws are prone to change in the United States. Although it is classified as a schedule 1 drug under federal law, over 33 states have legalized it for medical use. Some states, like Washington DC, even permit recreational use.

Best Places to Buy CBD Chocolates Online

Here are some of the best places to buy a wide variety of CBD chocolates online.

#1. Tasty Hemp Oil – CBD Tasty Cocoas Hemp Chocolate

Chocolate is the most enjoyable and discrete way of consuming CBD. Dark chocolate Tasty Cocoas by Tasty Hemp oil are professionally made chocolates infused with hemp oil.

If you like chocolate with rich, dark flavors, you will love these hemp chocolates. A box comes with four pieces, each containing 10mg of CBD and 0 THC—enough to maintain your CBD levels throughout the day.

Each chocolate is individually wrapped and completely free from THC. They are available in dark chocolate and minty dark chocolate if you need a kick. This product has also been tested in third-party labs. Click here to get to the product website. Their webpage also lists the lab results for each variant.

#2. Activated Hemp Peppermint White Chocolate Bar By Kat Naturals

If you’re searching for something with a more potent dose, Activated Hemp Peppermint White chocolate offers a premium chocolate and CBD experience with a strength of 100mg per bar.

Handcrafted in Tennessee, the bar uses organic white chocolate couverture, peppermint extract, and activated hemp grown in America. There’s also a dark chocolate option. Buy now to avail a 20% initial discount with the code “SNACK20.”

#3. CBD Chocolate Hazelnut Nutella Spread by Kushie Bites

If you’re a Nutella lover, you’ll love this option. Next time you’re craving Nutella, order this hazelnut spread instead, and meet your daily CBD requirement as well!

Kushie Bites combines smooth, creamy chocolate with roasted hazelnuts and a high dose of CBD. Eating this will feel like therapy. Each Jar (8oz) contains 200mgs of CBD (independent-lab tested). So even a finger scoop or two would be enough to settle you.

If chocolate doesn’t do it for you, Kushie Bites sells alternatives like gumballs, candy, cookies, etc. Check out their website.

#4. Therapeutic Treats’ Extra Strength Dark Chocolate CBD Chocolate Bar

Calorie-conscious but want to eat chocolate every day? Best Extra-Strength Full Spectrum CBD Dark Chocolate: Therapeutic Treats Extra-Strength Dark Chocolate Bar is the chocolate you’re looking for. A sugar-free, non-GMO, gluten-free bar of delightfully pure chocolate. And with extra strength! A piece or two is enough to make the magic happen. It’s a healthy chocolate that makes you feel better.

It’s crafted with single-origin fair-trade, pure organic chocolate harvested by local families in South America. Each bar contains a 120 mg dose of full-spectrum CBD, tested and proven in third-party labs.

#5. American Shaman CBD Brownies

If you want to snack on your CBD, why not buy brownies? They’re affordable, larger than a bar (so you’re getting more chocolate), and go particularly well with ice-cream and hot chocolate sauce.

Terpene Rich Hemp Extract Brownies by American Shaman topped with terpene-rich CBD icing is sure to satisfy that sweet tooth. It also packs a pretty powerful CBD dose (30mg/ 15 mg per brownie/ pack of two). The neat package packs a powerful, relaxing punch! Click here to visit the product website and catch some exciting deals.

#6. CBD Snooze Dark Chocolate by Grön

Gone are the days when chocolate before bed was a bad idea, although you should probably still brush your teeth. If you’re having difficulties falling asleep, here’s a CBD chocolate bar custom-tailored to your needs. Who knew chocolate could solve so many problems?

With a 45mg dose of CBD and 60mg Valerian Root extract, this chocolate is formulated to offer a good night’s sleep, leaving you fresh and restored the next morning. By the way, it’s also low sugar, organically grown, and vegan, so it’s safe for everyday use. Click here to shop now.

A Few Parting Words

CBD research is relatively new at this point, and although many users swear by its curative properties, there is a lot that we still need to discover. An online search will show you thousands of stores that sell CBD infused chocolate. A lot of it is manufactured and packaged professionally in factories. Some of it might be made at home.

While you may be tempted to try low-cost products, do remember that creating a high-quality CBD product is a costly venture for any enterprise. Do your research and check reviews before you purchase online. A company that provides third-party lab test results will always be a credible source as you’ll be assured of high-quality ingredients.