5 New CBD Products to Try This Winter

With autumn upon us, winter is just around the corner. That means freezing cold weather outdoors, dry artificial air from furnaces inside, darker nights, and cravings for food and drinks that are hot and savory.

Winter also tends to bring new issues with our health and wellness. That’s why you can turn to CBD products in the winter to help with common issues that affect your health. Here are five examples to get you started.

1. CBD Apple Cinnamon Herbal Tea

Hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks is a common winter drink, as is CBD herbal tea. You can combine the two of them by getting CBD leaves mixed with your favourite herbal tea, or you can get CBD honey sticks as your natural sweetener. Either way, the hot drink can be very therapeutic after you spend time outdoors during the winter to relax and restore your spirits.

2. CBD Chili Oil

One of the most popular comfort foods for the winter is chili. It’s filling, it’s hot, and it can really hit the spot as you look at the frost, snow and ice outside your kitchen window. If you want to combine your favourite chili recipe with the health benefits of CBD, you can get CBD chili oil to mix in. It adds the spice you want with the effects of CBD that you want.

3. CBD Bath Bomb

A hot bath can be perfect during winter evenings, especially after a long day’s work. The dry furnace air can really affect your skin and leave you not feeling as fresh and relaxed as you want to be.

You can get a variety of bath bombs or bath salts infused with CBD to combine its skin benefits, pain relief, and relaxation with those of the other ingredients included. They can use eucalyptus, jasmine, chamomile, oatmeal, and other natural minerals to improve specific areas of your health.

4. CBD Face Mask

No part of your body takes more punishment during the winter than your face. During the day, it is always exposed to the dry artificially heated air from furnaces.

When you’re outside, you can never fully cover your face from the icy cold winds and pollutants carried from salt, slush and car exhaust. Getting a CBD face mask from Joy Organics can help undo the damage to the skin of your face while adding valuable nutrients it needs to be protected against other damage the next day.

5. CBD Gummies With Ginger and Turmeric

The winter also brings flu and cold season, so it’s a good time to do what you can do to bolster your immune system. CBD gummies are a tasty treat that are good to have on their own, but you can get special gummies with ginger and turmeric, which can help boost your immune system. They also help relieve pain and nausea that can come when you are feeling sick.

These five products are by no means the only ways CBD can help you out during the winter, but they are a great start. If you think about the issues that normally affect your health and wellness during the winter months, think of what kinds of products you normally buy to address those needs. Look up those kinds of products that also use CBD, and you will be in good stead.