Why People Love To Celebrate Birthdays With Their Loved Ones

Birthdays are undoubtedly one of the most sought-after days of the year. Our loved ones’ well wishes, parties, cakes, and gifts make it all so fun and exciting! For most of us, birthdays make us look back and remember all the fun we had with our family and friends. It’s then safe to say that we enjoy birthdays so much because we celebrate them with the ones that matter.

Here, we talked about the beautiful reasons it’s better to celebrate birthdays with our loved ones. We also provided some birthday gift ideas for friends or family that’s celebrating their birthday anytime soon.

Why it’s better to spend birthdays with your loved ones

If you’re anything like us, you also start counting down the days to your birthday a month before it.

You feel very excited about your upcoming birthday as it means spoiling yourself with anything you want — or letting others spoil you. Your birthday is also the perfect excuse to spend some time with your loved ones, even if it’s just going to be an intimate gathering.

There are so many reasons why it’s always better to spend your birthday with your loved ones. Here are some reasons that we gathered:

1. You get to celebrate your mom

Your birthday isn’t just about you, but it’s also about your mom. She carried you and took great care of you for nine months and beyond. She gave you life. Your birthday is as much a celebration of your life as it is hers.

2. You get to thank your loved ones

The best people in your life — the ones that saw you at your best and worst and stuck through it all — deserve your heartfelt appreciation on your birthday.

You couldn’t have done life any better without their help. Their advice and constant support helped you bear the hardships of life. Hence, your birthday is the best time to thank the absolute perfect people in your life for staying right where you need them to be.

3. You’re spending your birthday with the ones who care for you

Celebrating your birthday at a bar with random strangers can be fun and exciting. But, the downside with that is you’re spending your special day with the people who don’t even know how special you are, let alone your name.

There’s nothing better than spending your birthday with your loved ones as you get to celebrate it with the ones that actually know and care for you.

4. You get to experience being surprised

Something is exciting about getting random meetup calls or texts from your friends, only to find out they are surprising you. Even when you already know it’s for your “surprise birthday party,” pretending to be surprised is still fun.

Being surprised also makes us feel special — the time and effort to pull it off are enough to feel fantastic on our birthdays.

Birthday gift-giving tips

Whether there’s going to be a big celebration or not, birthdays are beautiful and exciting. You get to celebrate another year with someone for being their most fabulous self.

Below are five essential tips for nailing birthday gifts like a pro.

1. Don’t add a small gift to a big one

If our friends and family celebrate their birthdays, we often want to spend so much on our gifts to show how we appreciate them. While there’s nothing wrong with it, it may affect the whole present itself.

Although you got them an expensive wallet, because your need to “over-give” kicked in, you inserted a 50 dollar bill inside it. That devalues your present, making it seem cheap.

2. Think like the gift recipient

When giving a present to your friend who’s celebrating their birthday, always consider their interests and lifestyle. Get them something they want and not something you think they want.

As a guide, shop the way they do. Pick that coconut-scented bottle of shampoo if they love such fragrance. Don’t push what you want, hoping they might like it too.

3. Show your gratitude through your present

Handmade presents are always a surefire way to make someone feel special on their birthday.

The time and effort into making it is heartwarming. You could buy someone something off the store, but you chose to make a gift for them from scratch. If that isn’t impressive, we don’t know what is.

4. Give creatively

Your present doesn’t have to be expensive to get the appreciation it deserves — it only needs to be a little more creative than last year.

Surprising someone with the gift of experience could even excite them. You could treat them to a concert or grant them a trip for two to their dream destination!

Celebrate birthdays with love

Even when we don’t feel like not doing a big celebration, there is always something special about the day we were born. It’s our day, after all.

Your birthday is special. It is the perfect time to get all your friends and family to the same place. Most importantly, you have the opportunity to start anew. Happy birthday!