10 Ways To Celebrate Life For Those Who Pass

Losing someone that you love is a universally difficult experience. The relationship that you share with each and every one of the people in your life is unique, and losing that relationship requires a unique form of grieving.

The wonderful thing about this process, if you can call it wonderful, is that everyone relates to grief in some way. This means we can share in our grief and find ways to make light of it.

We’re going to take a look at some ways that you can celebrate life and honor a loved one who has passed. Hopefully, the ideas below will be able to bring some relief to you and the people around you.

Let’s get started.

1. Rephrase The “Funeral”

The first step in the process of celebrating life is to refer to funeral proceedings as a “celebration of life.”

It seems like a trivial change, but it’s effective. The loss of a loved one feels grimmer when you’re going to a funeral, but entering into a celebration of life has a different color to it.

It reminds you that you had the opportunity to love this person, and their passing was an inevitable piece of that puzzle. The fact that we have the people around us for any time at all is a miracle, and what better time to recognize that gift than at their celebration of life?

2. Redirect The Costs

It’s possible to rework the exorbitant costs that go along with proceedings and burials. Those are funds that can put families into financial ruin and make the situation even more traumatic.

Explore your options for cheap cremation, and see if there isn’t something that your loved one would have wanted you to do with that money. Maybe gather that person’s closest companions and take them out on a trip.

Maybe that money could go toward a charity or benefit that the person cared about. The funds could even just be spared to make sure that the individual’s family is comfortable and not too stressed about the funeral costs.

3. Create a Tradition

Anyone who’s lost somebody close to them knows it’s hard to keep their memory alive in the people around you. It isn’t that the loved one is forgotten, it’s just that people move on with their lives and the person’s passing can’t be the focus of attention forever.

The closer you are to the departed, the harder it is to stomach the fact that other lives are moving on.

One way to ensure that the memory is kept alive and strong is to host some kind of annual get-together. Maybe you meet at the person’s favorite spot or do something that they would have enjoyed.

Simply gathering in their honor is an excellent way to celebrate a loved one.

4. Write Your Memories

Sit down and flesh out all of the memories and things you loved about the person who has passed.

It might be painful to do but get those thoughts down while your memories are fresh and alive. Our memories are feeble, and things change around and grow dim over time.

You’ll be happy that you wrote down your memories when you’re old and gray and missing the person you loved so long ago.

5. Have Conversations

What better way to celebrate a loved one than to have a conversation with someone who knew them well?

You can learn so much about a person and their life from each one of their friends and loved ones. As we noted, all relationships are unique, and the relationship that they had with the person you’re speaking to will expose a new part of their life.

Keep them alive through conversation and learn all you can about their life.

6. Grieve Healthily

It may seem selfish, but taking time to grieve and fully process death is a method of celebrating the deceased’s life.

They loved you, and they wouldn’t want to see you in so much pain for such a long time. Sure, we’d all like to think that we’ll be missed dearly, but not so much that it hinders our loved ones’ abilities to go on with life.

Do your part to stay healthy and engaged with your life through the grieving process.

7. Spend Time at Their Grave

The cemetery, just like the funeral home, doesn’t have to be a grim place. When you poke your head up and look around, most cemeteries are very beautiful.

Additionally, that’s where your friend is resting. You can go visit them anytime, revisit old memories, and reflect on how wonderful they were in life.

8. Cherish Memorabilia

If you have a little poem or photograph that your loved one left behind, solidify it as an artifact that you cherish.

Put a frame around it, tuck it into a precious place, or keep it on you at all times. Just give it a little more importance and use it as a reminder whenever you’re missing the person.

9. Keep Their Seat Open

If there were gatherings or events that you used to attend with the person you loved, go ahead and leave their seat open.

Set an empty chair in their spot at the dinner table, or even buy an extra ticket at the movie theater you two would go to. This might be an emotional experience, but it’s a display of respect to those who have passed.

It might sound trivial, too, but give it a shot and see how it feels.

10. Finish What They Started

The final thing that you might consider is to finish goals that the deceased had started working on.

Maybe they were passionate about a charity or in the midst of a work of art. Do your part to further those efforts in their honor.

Need More Ideas to Celebrate Life?

Working to find ways to celebrate life can be difficult when times feel so dark. We’re here to help you explore more ideas and create meaningful ways to remember your loved ones.

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