Celebrate Valentine’s Day On Your Own

Get ready for the day when every store displays nothing but red roses and chocolates in the shape of hearts. With Valentine’s Day comes red and only red decorations in stores, couples holding hands as they stroll the streets, and steep discounts. On February 14, we honour romantic love with festivities and gifts. From unexpected presents and candlelit dinners to genuine romance and a festive atmosphere, Valentine’s Day always manages to send shivers down your spine.

The old idea that only couples should celebrate Valentine’s Day is history. We are fully capable of doing any and all activities normally reserved for couples. This year, treat yourself to a romantic getaway or send gifts from anywhere in the world. It’s not just for Valentine’s Day that we should practice self-love celebrations. In order to get you started, here are some suggestions.

Breakfast In Bed

On Valentine’s Day, get the day started off right with some delicious food. On this very important day, one way to foster more love for yourself is to treat yourself to breakfast in bed. Even though getting up and preparing the food on your own might be a chore, at least you’ll know exactly what you want to eat. There’s nothing more relaxing than eating your favourite food while you’re still in PJ’s and not having anyone to impress.

Candlelight Dinner

You don’t have to break from tradition by having a candlelit dinner for two on Valentine’s Day. It’s time to light a scented candle and prepare a delicious meal for yourself. Let yourself have one of those rare moments of solitude where you can just sit and think about things.

You can even make a reservation for one at a restaurant. Dress up fancy and enjoy your dinner with the presence of love all around you.

Movie Marathon

Have a movie marathon on Valentine’s Day and celebrate the occasion in the comfort of your own home. Rally your favourite munchies and settle in for a night in front of the tube. These marathons, whether romantic comedies or slasher flicks, are a wonderful way to celebrate your own company even on Valentine’s Day.

Hot Bubble Bath

Start the water running in the tub, and now is the time to test out all of those bath bombs you’ve been hoarding! After pampering oneself all day on Valentine’s Day, indulging in a relaxing soak in warm bubbles is the ideal way to cap off the occasion. The soothing experience of a bubble bath can also teach you to value your alone time more.

Buy Yourself Flowers

The celebration of Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without a bouquet of fresh flowers, which you can easily buy from a florist down the street or have it delivered to yourself as a surprise. It is no longer necessary to beg for flowers now that you can easily order them online!

The beauty of buying self-love flowers for yourself is that you can choose your own flower arrangements and make Valentine’s day extra memorable.