Celebrating Easter During Lockdown: Here’s How!

Yes, we all have been finding it difficult to come up with new ways of celebrating important events amidst the pandemic and Easter isn’t going to be any different.

Apart from purchasing Easter eggs during your weekly grocery shopping, what is it that you could do to make this year’s Easter slightly different and better than the previous one?

Well, no matter what the situation is, we truly believe that Easter must be as joyous as always!

That said, here we’ve put together a list of easy and exciting ideas to help you make the most of this festive season. Even if you can’t meet your friends or family, we think you can absolutely enjoy this year’s Easter in various ways – after all, all of us deserve something exciting to look forward to.

To help you make the most of this holiday, here are some of our top ideas to celebrate and enjoy Easter even during lockdown.

Let’s dive in!

1. Rethink Your Easter Gifts and Baskets

The flooding of Easter gifts and baskets won’t be the same in 2021, either because you’re tight on budget or you can’t visit the store to purchase the required items (perhaps, even online deliveries might not be as fast as you’d want them to be!).

Why not save these big Easter baskets for 2022 and consider making a basket out of those homemade chocolates and drawings made by your kids?

When it comes to Easter gifts for your kids, however, you could either purchase toys online or perhaps buy and download an online game; you could play with your kids once you’re done with all the celebrations.

2. Conduct a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt

Easter celebrations are incomplete without an Easter egg hunt.

While letting your kids find eggs in the field or a playground might not be possible this year (given the restrictions in place), why not take this experience a notch higher?

Instead of going the old-school way, consider grouping with your family members virtually and hide Easter eggs in every nook and cranny of your home. Or better yet, hide them in your backyard (provided you have the space) and let your children hunt the eggs.

By conducting a virtual Easter egg hunt, you not only get to follow the usual tradition but also get to spend quality time with your loved ones (albeit remotely!)

Pro Tip: To make this event all the more exciting, you could also sign up for various virtual easter egg decoration classes.

3. Bake Easter Themed Sweet Treats

Over the past year or so, baking at home has become an increasingly popular leisure activity. It’s not only fun, exciting and relaxing, but also lets you gorge on the sweet treats at the end of the day!

Why not give baking a shot and prepare lip-smacking Easter-themed sweet treats at home?

Simply look up recipes online and get baking!

4. Get Creative When It Comes to Dyeing Eggs

For most of you, dyeing eggs on Easter would be an annual family tradition.

Although we’ve moved past the milk, toilet paper and egg shortages of 2020, it doesn’t mean you should be wasteful.

That said, if you’ve just bought fresh eggs, you may want to leave them be for eating instead of using them for crafts or decorations. Moreover, try avoiding the entire dyeing your Easter eggs and eating them later on – not all egg dyes are food safe and even if they are, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Having said that, why not use Styrofoam or other kinds of crafting eggs for this tradition?

You can simply order them online and let your kids decorate the eggs using crayons, markers or other drawing essentials. If you don’t end up using all these eggs, you can save them for the next year.

5. Watch Movies Based on Easter

After a day full of cooking, decorating and celebrating Easter with your family, why not end the holiday by watching an Easter-themed movie – after all, who says Christmas is the only holiday to enjoy movies?

To make this even more exciting, you can conduct a movie marathon at home of all your and your kid’s favourite movies; a great way to mark the occasion!

Here are a few movies that you can watch this Easter:

• Peter Rabbit (2018)
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1971 or 2005 or both)
• Hop (2011)
• Rise of the Guardians (2021)
• It’s the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown (1974)
• The Prince of Egypt (1998)

6. Get Dressed

Yes, you won’t be stepping out of our home to celebrate Easter 2021, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up.

Although a dressing gown might feel very comfy, we know that you’re probably bored of wearing the same thing. Moreover, dressing up for the holiday will be a welcome change for you and who says you can’t dress up to have the finest dinner at home?

It doesn’t matter whether you prefer wearing a ballgown, a fancy dress or a nice top and jeans, do whatever makes you feel happy!

Easter 2021 – Final Thoughts

Easter 2021 may not be the same as 2019, but that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating this holiday.

Make use of the above-mentioned ideas and make this year’s Easter a memorable one – after all, you never know, some of the activities that you conduct this year might turn into family traditions that last a lifetime!

Don’t let the current situation ruin your holidays, make the most of this time and have an exciting Easter with your nearest and dearest.