Sharenting: Here’s Why Celebrities Are Asking for Privacy

Sharing child-related content on social media by their parents is termed as Sharenting. It is often a target of criticism and very dangerous for children. Identity fraud or even child abuse are major drawbacks of sharenting.

So, celebrities have been asking for privacy for themselves and their children. In fact, everyone should try to protect themselves and their children. A high-speed VPN app for personal safety has made it easier to take back control of the data you share online, but you should always be aware of the associated threats and drawbacks of sharenting.

Everything Online is Permanent, And Nothing is Completely Private

All social media websites provide you with privacy settings indeed, and you must use them. But there are always ways like screenshots to capture these footprints. Thus, even when you delete something online, it does not mean that it is gone.

Right to Privacy

Sometimes, parents, especially celebrities, do not want their children to be public figures. But, images get clicked by someone else and are posted on fan accounts of social media and gossip sites. They have the potential to go viral, and in such cases, there are no ways to control the damage.

People should always remember that a child, too, deserves their right to privacy.

Companies Track Children And Teens

Many companies would even track children and teens to manipulate, sell their products, or fuel addiction. They want these young people to spend more money on their games, products, and services.

In 2014, a study by the Center on Law and Information Policy at Fordham Law School found evidence that “Data brokers have information of kids as young as 2-years old”. These numbers will only increase with the growth of AI, where currently there is no oversight, privacy, boundaries, and regulations.

People are now becoming more aware of the risks involved in sharing their children’s photographs and videos on public platforms. Thus, they have started using tools like VPN to mask their real identities and stay away from these companies.

One must give a little thought before sharing anything on social media. It is one of the important responsibilities for parents in today’s world.

Lastly, you must remember what Steinberg said: “Do not share something online that you would not be okay sharing publicly.”