Taking From The Best: Celebrity Wedding Trends To Take For Your Own

The average length of an engagement is about 15 months, according to The Knot. So if you recently got engaged — or you’re expecting it soon — you should take this time to really put together your special day.

If you need a solid source of wedding inspiration, celebrity weddings are always a good choice, since they are often the trendsetters, and there’s a lot of photos and videos that you can add to your inspiration board. Here are some of the best celebrity wedding trends that might provide inspiration.

Unique And Colored Engagement Rings

Lily Collins, Katy Perry and Heidi Klum have one thing in common: they all got engaged with colored gems in their rings. Gone are the days when engagement rings only needed to be clear-colored gems. Instead, these celebrity engagement rings oozed with personality and uniqueness.

Some of the most iconic engagement rings have had colored gems at their center, like Princess Diana’s engagement ring — a ring that passed down to her daughter-in-law too. This is one celebrity wedding trend that you can fully embrace to fully stamp your aesthetic at the start of your wedding planning. If you are inspired by luxurious women’s engagement rings with diamonds you should definitely try to find some of them at ItsHot online jewelry store.

With famous people normalizing colored gems, it also helps to widen your options on what sort of gems can go in your engagement and wedding rings.

Choose Minimonies

The past year made it impossible to have the traditional lavish ceremonies that celebrities are well-known for. Instead of just letting the year pass by, celebrities have started a new trend: minimonies or mini ceremonies. Dennis Quaid, Princess Beatrice, Tove Lo and David Harbour are some of the celebrities that held private and small ceremonies in 2020.

This is a trend that you and your loved one can embrace with your own ceremony. Doing away with large guest lists and booking larger events places can not only add more solemnity to your big day, but it’ll also help to lighten the financial load — a win-win.

Two-Wedding Trend

If you’d still rather hold a large party later on, the two-wedding celebrity trend is perfect for you. Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner, Hailey Baldwin and Justin Beiber, and Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are some of the celebrities that have decided to hold small ceremonies first, going on to have lavish parties with all their friends and families later on.

This trend can give you the best of both worlds, as you get the intimate celebration to start off your marriage, and you can save up and hold a more grand celebration of your love when you’re ready. It gives you a lot of time to plan what you want in your larger celebration without the major stresses involved in making your big day go perfectly.

Your wedding, naturally, should be a good representation of who you are as a couple. However, this shouldn’t stop you from taking little pieces from other weddings if they fit your aesthetic. This is why you should review your favorite celebrity couples and see what trends you can take from them to add to your very own “I do.”