Is It Possible To Change Your Countertop Edge Trim?

The most inexpensive way to maintain your kitchen countertops is to use laminate countertops. They are available in a variety of colours and designs. However, laminate is also prone to damage, scratches, and stains. Therefore, countertop edge trimming is more of a do-it-yourself thing because it is more prone to scratches. So yes, if you have a laminate countertop edge, you can repair it at home without having to call the professionals and spend extra money on them.

There are several DIY ideas available online, which you can get with a single click of a button. In this article, we will describe the ways for countertop edge trim at your home by yourself. It does not need you to spend hefty amounts but a little time investment, and you can get a new laminate countertop.

Install New Edging Strips

When you discover that your countertop edging is damaged because of excessive heat or scratched and stained with regular use, you can always install new edging strips. Moreover, laminate sheets are available in vast colour options to match your countertop design. It is also one of the ways to change your laminate countertop edge trim and give your kitchen a new style.

Here are the steps to follow to change your countertop edge trim:

1. Buy the laminate sheets matching your countertop colour.
2. Next, cut it to the size of your countertop with the use of a circular saw or jigsaw.
3. To remove the existing laminate sheet, you will need to use a heat gun.
4. Hover the heat gun over the laminate sheet; it will loosen the glue from the sheet.
5. Next, you remove the sheet by peeling it off from the edging.

When you remove the existing laminate sheet, you must paste the new sheets on the countertop edge. You can use a strong adhesive to paste the sheets. Alternatively, you can also buy laminate sheets that have removable banding edges. You simply need to pull them off the laminate sheets and then paste them to the countertop edge.

It is extremely easy to change your laminate sheet edging. Installing a precut banding laminate sheet on the countertop is less time-consuming and cost-effective. Hence, it is one of the best ways to give your kitchen a new look.

Choose Custom Edging

Most people do not prefer any gap between the laminate sheet on the countertop and the side edging. Therefore, it is easier to choose a custom design to remove or prevent the gap.

Additionally, choosing a more custom design gives a smooth finish and a luxurious look to your countertop and the kitchen as a whole. You can choose ogee, bullnose, or waterfall design as your custom edging options. Moreover, every design will need a different kind of laminate sheet.

If you do not have a custom design or have a stiff countertop, you may need to replace the countertop. The custom design will help in trimming the edges as and when you require.

Add Trim

Adding a warm trim to your décor is highly appreciated and a very cost-effective idea. Moreover, it adds a warm touch to the laminate countertop. Also, it is easy to install, and you can do it under a controlled budget. However, the final result is amazing to look at. First, you cut the trim of the countertop edge size using a jigsaw or a circular saw.

You can cut it in any style and design whatever you want to, depending on your countertop style. Next, use nails to attach the trim and edge. The final step is to use sandpaper to smoothen the trim edges and make them safe for use. If you like, you can paint the trim or also use a hardened epoxy trim.

Make an epoxy paste and pour it over the smoothened trim before you attach it to the edge. Once the epoxy dries, smoothen the epoxy and attach the trim to the edges of the countertop. It takes a bit of time but is a very creative way to change the countertop edges.

Paint the Countertop

If you do not want to create a mess by cutting, spraying, or rubbing the trim, you can always choose the easiest option available, which is to paint. Most people use this option when the countertop edging is strong and does not necessarily need a repair.

Also, applying a fresh coat of paint is suitable when the laminate countertop sheet is faded and stained. The steps for applying paint on the countertop edge are similar to applying them on the wall. First, you will sand the laminate to roughen it so the paint can stay. Next, you apply a coat of primer to it.

For better results, you must let the primer dry off completely. When the primer is dry, you start to apply the coat of paint. Based on the texture of the paint and the colour you need, you may have to repeat the coats. Additionally, you can choose to paint only the countertop edges by using a contrast paint strategy.

Factors Affecting Your Decision of Countertop Edging

Below are a few factors that you must take into account before finalizing countertop edge trim:

• The Space: Edging impacts the look of your kitchen. Hence, if you are clear about maximizing the space, make it look minimal.

• Safety: Edges are bound to stay outwards. Therefore, you must keep the safety of your family in mind before you decide on the edging option.

• Budget: No project is complete without first planning your budget. Your edging should always be planned under a budget. Also, keep in mind their maintenance and trimming costs while deciding the budget.

Final Words:

Laminate countertop edging is popular among people around the world. They use it in traditional and modern kitchens to add a touch of luxury, sophistication, and warmth to their kitchen and overall house interior.

Unfortunately, countertop edges tend to undergo normal wear and tear; thus, they end up stained and scratched. Therefore, you can use the above-mentioned DIY techniques to repair them yourself. You do not need to renovate the countertop unless you have chosen a custom countertop design that allows you to install and trim the edges over time.