Travel Guide 101: Here’s the Checklist to Follow While Travelling to the USA

The USA is one of the most preferred destinations to travel to. It not only gives an unsounded adrenaline rush to travel junkies but also is a suited destination for students, immigrants, and business enthusiasts. Moreover, with a stabilized economy and scenery worth gazing at, the USA gets stable tourism every year. 

Although the USA is a welcoming country, sometimes people face difficulties due to strict laws and regulations while traveling to the USA. That’s where travel insurance for USA comes into the picture. 

The travel insurance for USA, which is inclusive of baggage cover, passport cover, COVID cover, journey cover, and travel medical insurance for USA provides a blanket of security during your trip.

However, to avail of all such benefits, it is important to buy travel insurance from a reputable insurance provider. One such insurer is TATA AIG, which not only assists during travel hassles but also provides travel medical insurance for USA to support in times of medical emergencies. 

But, is getting travel insurance in the USA enough to travel safely to the USA? Definitely Not! 

One must keep other critical things in mind as well. Here is a list of factors to follow while traveling to the USA – 

1. Pack Documents Carefully

Traveling to a different country requires a number of documents. This list of documents often contains visa, passport, travel medical insurance for USA (if any), transcripts if you are a student, and other official documents if you have some specific reason to travel like medical treatment, etc. So, make a proper file before heading to the airport and never leave things for the last moment. 

If you are a student going to the USA for studies, it is advisable to keep your checklist ready before the day of your journey. Students often need to carry passports, transcripts, university acceptance letters, visas, official documents, ID proof, details of medical certification stating students’ fitness for the program, etc. 

Not only this, but students also need to arrange personal essentialities like basic medicines, few kitchen utilities, ready-to-eat food items, extra phone handset, laptops with updated software, etc. In addition, students are also advised to get student travel insurance for USA from trusted providers like to make sure their abroad journey goes like a butter slide.  

2. Essentials

Whether you are an immigrant to the USA, a student, or just a tourist, there are some essential items you need to have on your list. This includes basic cough, cold, and fever medicines, your passport, visa, masks, sanitizers, vaccination certificates, etc. All these provide extra safety throughout the journey. 

3. Collect the Facts

This is one of the most critical steps of your journey to the USA. Here is a list of facts you need to gather before boarding a flight to the USA-

  • In light of today’s COVID situation, gather all important information on the USA’s guidelines, regulations, and restrictions. Get complete and right information if COVID tests are going on at an airport, if there are any strict prerequisites or requirements near your accommodation or at a hotel, etc.
  • If you have bought travel insurance for USA, talk to your insurance provider or read through your insurance documents carefully to understand the terms and conditions properly.
  • Go through the government’s website for COVID vaccination details. Check the vaccine which is valid for entering the USA, and also carry your vaccination certificate along with you. 

Are You Ready for Your Journey to the USA?

Keep in mind a few things and escape travel mishaps, last-minute hassles, and everything! In addition, no matter how ready you are, travel mishaps and last-minute emergencies cannot be zeroed down. So, to get that extra security and preparation, get good and exhaustive travel insurance for USA before leaving India and get ready for your USA journey with added safety.