Do I Choose A Male Or Female Driving Instructor?

Perhaps you have just received your provisional driving license and want to start your journey toward becoming a full-license holder. You may wonder whether to choose a male or female instructor as a driving instructor, just like many other learner drivers.

Why choose a female driving instructor over a male?

Learner drivers often feel more at ease with female driving instructors, particularly if they learn from other females. However, there are times when male students want female driving instructors. They are often nervous about driving and find it difficult to take to the roads. We ask our pupils why they want a female driving instructor. They say they’re more patient because they’re female. However, it is worth noting that female driving instructors possess these skills, and many other male instructors possess them.

We have also seen some drivers who prefer to learn from a male driving instructor. The reason is that male driving instructors are more direct and believe they will be able to teach them more effectively, making it easier for them to pass their driving test faster. Again, this is not something that only male driving instructors possess.

Reason to choose a male driving instructor or a female one

Some of our learners make decisions based on cultural beliefs or religious reasons. Some religions and cultures prohibit females from being alone with males. This is true for males as well. Some women may be uncomfortable with men or close to them for personal reasons. This is why it’s better to choose a female driving instructor.

Stereotypes and false assumptions

There are many false myths, and you’ve probably heard many. One example is that male drivers are more skilled than female drivers, so male instructors are better at driving. However, this is false. Research shows that male drivers are six times more likely to get banned from driving after passing their driving exam than female drivers.

If they are properly trained, driving instructors will adapt their teaching methods to each learner’s needs. Some students learn to drive faster than others. Others are more confident and need to be pushed. They need encouragement. Whether male or female, a good driving instructor will be able to adapt driving lessons to your needs and help you improve your driving skills.

Finding the right driving instructor.

Whether a driving instructor is well-respected in your area or whether they are female driving instructors or male, you should take an assessment lesson to establish a good relationship with your instructor. It’s normal for people to not communicate well with one another.

While some teaching methods that a driving instructor may use might work for many, they might not be for you. An assessment lesson can help you save time and money. It will also make driving lessons more enjoyable. Most learner drivers find the first driving lesson nerve-wracking. Try to remain calm and do your best. You’ll learn the skills over time and be a confident full-license holder.