Choose the Right Backblaze Program for You

Find the best cloud subscription by researching your options well.  When you find a cloud company you like, you can reach out to their customer service team to ask questions, as well.

Online reviews often have detailed information about different programs to help you choose the right program. You may have a budget to adhere to. You can often save money by paying for a yearly subscription, instead of choosing monthly billing. The right subscription can easily simplify your emergency data backup and save you money. 

Try the Subscription for Free

Before you commit to a cloud storage subscription, make use of the free trial. Most companies offer a 2-4 week trial period. During this time, you can try out the different features, and determine the best subscription plan for your needs.

Many companies have simple, unlimited options for both personal and business use. If something doesn’t work the way you need it to, contact customer service to find out if a different subscription fits your situation. 

Check Online Reviews

Online reviews offer detailed information from people who use the services. You can often find reviews on the company website or through a third-party site. Check out a Backblaze review to find out the details of this affordable cloud storage plan. Customers often have insight on details you may not think to ask about. Individuals that have used various cloud storage subscriptions may also have some useful information on comparisons. 

Individual or Business

Individuals may simply need a backup for sensitive documents. Many self-employed individuals also need a backup of extensive documents. Businesses can easily make use of unlimited data storage for their computers or servers.

If you plan to start a new business, consider the cost of servers and computers versus cloud storage. Machinery often needs expensive updates and maintenance. With cloud storage, your monthly price never changes. 


You can expect to purchase a monthly subscription when you choose cloud storage. Many companies keep this price under 10 dollars for unlimited storage. You may need to pay per device for some services, however. You can often save money by paying upfront for 1 or 2 years, instead of paying monthly, as well. 

The Details

Depending on your cloud use habits, you may need specific features. If you have a large business, you may want several of the employees to have access to the data. You may need to look for a subscription that allows document sharing or access from various devices, for example.

A reputable program also has quality customer service. You can easily try out the customer service during your free trial. Try to contact customer service and take note of response times, problem solving skills, and attentiveness. 

When you choose cloud storage, find a subscription you can use indefinitely. You should not need to change companies often. A quality cloud backup company should keep its business updated and meet the needs of growing businesses. Before committing to a subscription, research various plans, talk to a representative, and try a free trial.