Guide for New Vapers: How to Choose the Right Vape

When you’re starting out vaping, the most important decision you’ll have to make is the type of vape you use. There are four general types of vapes and they each have pros and cons. The following guide from Vape Store will help you make an informed decision about your purchase.

E-cigarettes or Cig-A-Likes

These were the first vapes released to the market and were designed to resemble cigarettes. This style of vape has a battery and cartomizer, which has a cartridge for flavour. It’s draw-activated, so you draw in a breath to start vaping and they give a mouth-to-lung hit.

Pros: These are ideal if you’re quitting smoking, they’re simple to use and they’re small, so you can carry them around easily.

Cons: The battery won’t last long, they have lower e-juice capacity, so you’ll get less use out of it, and they produce less vapour.

Vape Pens

These are larger than eCigs. They have a tank, battery and can even come with a USB port for easy recharging. You can use these for mouth-to-lung inhalation and direct-to-lung. These are ideal for beginners, and you can purchase them in kits with everything you need to get started.

Pros: They’re portable and versatile – you can use a multitude of flavours with these. They’re also affordable, available in a range of colours and sizes, and they are user-friendly. They also have a safety feature that shuts off when not in use.

Cons: They have a shorter battery life compared to other devices, use more e-juice, and have been known to leak.

Vape Mods

Vape Mods are the most popular type of vape because they are more powerful and versatile than other styles. There are two main types – regulated and unregulated. Regulated (box mods and tube mods) have a circuit board and customisable features, including voltage, wattage and temperature control. Unregulated (mechanical mods) simply include a battery, atomiser and case – these are not recommended for beginners. You can choose mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung.

Pros: Regulated mods have high-intensity flavours and good vapour production. You can personalise your experience by changing settings, and they have long battery life.

Cons: You need to buy batteries separately and they take a while to charge. Can be complicated to learn to use properly when starting out vaping.

Pod Mods

Pod Mods are said to be an update on eCigs. They are mouth-to-lung devices and have low wattage. There are two main types – closed pod systems which are disposable devices that are pre-filled with liquid, and open pod systems which have replaceable cartridges.

Pros: Easy to use and portable. They are lighter than other devices and discreet, and you can get replaceable coil heads for some types. Some also allow you to adjust the voltage and other settings.

Cons: They have short battery life and will produce less vapour than other types.

Essential Considerations

Choosing the right vape is really just a matter of personal preference. If you’re looking for something small to start out with, an eCig may be the optimum choice. On the other hand, if you want something that’s going to last a while and that’s deemed more effective, you might choose a Vape Mod. eCigarettes are the easiest to use, but Mods allow you to have more control over your vaping experience.

Finally, the vape you choose will also depend on your budget, so set yourself a goal in mind and stick to it. There are plenty of vaping options available – do your research to decide which system is best suited for your needs.