Choosing Field Service Management Software for Small Businesses: 6 Must-Have Features

Incorporating a software solution into existing systems within a business is a challenge, especially for those in their nascent stages. For small businesses, finding the right field service management software is a tedious task due to their unique needs.

Without proper guidance, businesses may opt for systems with poor reviews or performance, which will cause more harm than good. Modern technology is the need of the hour, as 89% of customers are willing to pay more for high-quality operations.

6 features needed in field service management software

It ain’t necessary for all field service management software to come with the following features. On the other hand, depending on the nature of the field services you provide, your needs may be different from your competitors. Therefore, carefully assess what aspects of your business need special attention and leverage the software that best addresses those aspects.

1. Field service-based financial management

Managing field service expenses and revenue is one of the core functionality of any field-service-based software. You need software that knows its way around identifying the unique needs of your business. It must be able to track costs for big and small projects and create a successful revenue pipeline. Additionally, other charges must be a priority on the software so that it accurately predicts all your financials.

2. Inventory management

One major difference between field services and other services is the inventory that flows in and out of companies daily. If you’re a small business owner, managing inventory in real-time may be an issue since you barely have extra hands at work. In field service, equipment is usually kept at different locations, warehouses and vehicles.

Most of the equipment is expensive and losing count of it may lead to huge financial loss. Therefore, you need field service management software that carefully monitors the inflow and outflow of inventory in real time.

3. Proper management of scheduling and dispatching

Scheduling and dispatching are two primary features seen in field service management. You need to schedule the right people at the right time for the right task if you want efficient services. Similarly, you need a well-informed team of dispatchers who know what exactly your customers and field technicians need. The software you choose must be able to optimize routes to shorten scheduling and dispatching timings.

4. Equipment maintenance

All field-service businesses deal with equipment on a daily basis. This equipment is essential for the delivery of timely services to customers. Therefore, you need to ensure that all machinery is working at its best potential at all times.

Look for a field service management software that alerts you when issues arise with your machine and updates you when its lifecycle is about to end so you can quickly replace it with a new one. Reducing the time spent on repairs and maintenance will keep your equipment and services running smoothly.

5. Revenue management

Once you start your field service business, you can’t be dependent on just one stream of revenue. Create multiple modes of generating revenue via fee-based services or long-term contracts so that financial planning becomes a cakewalk for your company. Also, look for features like multiple payment modes and billing options so that you can calculate the services and equipment you need to sustain your business.

Add repairs under the warranty as that attracts more customers to pay in lumpsum for a specific service. Ensure that your customers are able to track their expenses on the software, as it only shows transparency but also builds confidence in your brand.

6. Intelligent dashboard and systems

With all the functions that some of the best field service management software provide, another huge task is understanding them. This is where the feature of intelligent systems comes into play. These systems automatically provide a summary of everything that is going on in your business so that you make better decisions. You don’t have to skim through multiple pages of data to understand business operations with this software.

Additionally, you get access to specific information, like which mode of payment is generating the maximum revenue or which field workers are performing at their best.

The ideal solution for field service management

Every other company needs field service management software in the present scenario. It only leverages the company branding but also streamlines operations, something which small businesses need to excel in their market. If you’re searching for the best field service management software, select one which offers these features and watch your business reach greater heights.