Choosing Various Types Of Skirts: 5 Styling Tips

Sometimes it is difficult to get the right balance when thinking of wearing a dress or skirt while at the same time maintaining a relaxed and casual look.

But the good news is that dresses and skirts are easy to fit for most women because they don’t need the same level of fit points and tailoring.

In case it becomes hard to get pants that fit your body perfectly, then consider wearing dresses and skirts!

They kind of bring about a more feminine look to your outfit. Besides, dresses always look cooler during summer compared to putting on a top and a bottom. You can find the latest plus size skirts at DressBarn – and order them online.

Here are 5 great tips to help you choose various types of skirts:

1. Fabric selection

When selecting a casual skirt, it is important to put more emphasis on the fabric. Woven fabrics like those found in traditional suits always appear more formal. You should go for a less structured fabric such as knits or cotton.

Stretch fabric makes any garment more casual because they are normally used as underclothing and sportswear. Knits are perfect for dresses. The point here is to choose a fabric that will perfectly fit your body and make you attractive.

2. Style selection

Choosing the right style for a skirt or dress can be one of the hardest things. Do you know why? Fashion trends are very dynamic, especially for women’s dresses and skirts. Unless you have a stylist who understands your body shape well, you might end up choosing the wrong dress or skirt.

If you are looking for something casual, then a flared skirt can work perfectly well. A flared skirt always feels more casual compared to a straight skirt. You can also get the same version of plus size skirts.

The other dress or skirt that appears more casual is a maxi. They can be great, particularly if you are a mother of young girls. Maxis can be made from light cotton or knits.

3. Prints and patterns

Prints and patterns also play a big role in making dresses or skirts more casual. There are a lot of ideas and inspirations that can help you get a garment that is perfect for an office setting or a vacation. Besides, prints and patterns come in different colors, giving you more options in terms of style.

4. Choice of color

The choice of color for your dresses or skirts can also define your style in many ways. It is important to know how to mix colors in order to arrive at a style that fits you well.

Most people tend to prefer dark and neutral colors. But to appear more casual and relaxed, you should pick dark instead of neutral.

5. Accessories

Accessories can’t miss out on any stylish dressing. What are you going to wear your skirt with? Is it pearls, diamonds, chunky silver, or a great selection of beads? The accessories you choose should complement the skirt or dress you are putting on.

In general, choosing skirts and dresses can sometimes prove to be challenging. But with the above tips, you will definitely be able to get a perfect skirt for your casual style.