6 Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Extended Relatives, Friends, And Colleagues

Gift shopping may be one of the most exciting things people look forward to doing during the Christmas season. For many, it may be a pleasant experience to search for gift items that their loved ones put on a wish list or for presents that they know will be much appreciated by the intended recipient. Even if you are looking for Christmas gift ideas for parents, friends, spouses, or anyone, you are required to put in a lot of thought beforehand.

However, buying Christmas gifts can also be challenging if you don’t have any idea about what a person would want to receive. This is especially difficult when you don’t often get to talk or be with the people you want to surprise.

For instance, you may be preparing presents for people you haven’t seen for quite some time such as family members, friends from school, or former colleagues. Since it may be difficult to know exactly what they’d want to receive for the holidays, you should consider getting them items which they’ll find useful instead, like friendship rings. If you’re running out of gift ideas, take a look at the following suggestions:

christmas gift ideas for friends

1. Specialty Towels

Towels are one of the most versatile giftable items you can find. It’s suitable to give to anyone regardless of gender or age, and their purposefulness is guaranteed. To take your towel gift to the next level, you can buy it from specialty stores such as Bursali Towels which offers a selection of premium towel sets made of quality fabric.

Through this, your loved one will not only appreciate having new towels to use, but will also enjoy the luxurious feel and comfort it could bring.

2. Goodie Baskets

Gifting a goodie basket is ideal for the Christmas season as it’s the perfect time for your loved ones to indulge in their favorite foods. While it may be helpful if you’re aware of what type of food they’d like most, a goodie gift basket is mostly flexible in that you can add any type of food item to it.

Apart from serving as delicious treats added in your loved one’s pantry, the goodies can also be distributed to guests when they come over for the holidays. With that in mind, you can add food items that can be served in several portions such as cheese, crackers, wine, fruit, chocolates, and other delightful treats that would surely make their Christmas extra special.

3. Board Game Sets

This is another versatile giftable item and one that’s guaranteed to please the recipient. While not everyone is a board game enthusiast, it can be an enjoyable activity to do with friends and family from time to time.

As such, you can consider getting a multiplayer board game and one that’s suitable for every age group as well. This way, you can help your gift recipient become prepared for holiday gatherings or for game nights at home.

4. Cuban Cigars

Cigar lovers will always be pleased to receive gifts that are related to their interests and preferences. For them, it has become an indispensable accessory that allows them to reflect on moments in life or celebrate something amazing that just happened.

You can find many variations of cigars that can become a favorite for your loved one. Punch cigars, Davidoff, Trinidad Fundadores, Montecrisor No4 will impress him with their high quality and unique taste. For those who like to combine cigars with wines, brandies, or whiskies, you can choose Davidoff or Montecristo No 4 which are luxurious and deserve to be the focal point of any cigar smoking occasion.

5. Self-Care Packages

Many gift-givers want to add personal touches to the items they give, and creating your own self-care gift package is a great way to do so. To make a care package, you should check for beauty and hygiene products online that you’d like to share with your loved ones. Since the items you’ll be putting in this package aren’t too expensive, the money you’ll save can be used to purchase other items.

For ideas on what your care package can include, you can consider the following:

• Face masks
• Hand sanitizers
• Bath products
• Face or hand towels
• Scent spray
• Make-up or toiletry bag
• Skincare products

These items can be useful to anyone regardless of age or gender, and they can also share these with their loved ones. As such, if you’re putting in perfumes, it may be helpful to select scents or fragrances that everyone can use and enjoy.

6. Gift Cards

Giving away gift cards is not only convenient but also allows more flexibility for both the gifter and the receiver. Though some may think that gift cards aren’t as personalized as other items, many people will still appreciate them as they can be a great way to save money on shopping.

Also, you have the option to purchase gift cards from stores that your loved ones prefer to assure that they’ll be able to enjoy receiving them.


While buying a gift for loved ones can be tricky, gifts that celebrate bonds and relationships are always welcomed and appreciated. These gifts are sure to please anyone as they remind people that you care about them and you want them to enjoy the special occasion.

Also, items that promote health and well-being are good choices as well, since everyone can use some pampering after the stress over the holiday preparations. Regardless of the gift you give, what’s important is that you’re able to show your love and appreciation to your family, colleagues, and friends in the spirit of Christmas giving.