Santa Clause Is Coming To Town: Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Family

When you were a kid, Christmas was probably your favorite time of the year. Your only job was to open presents, eat cookies and decorate the tree.

However, when you grew up you realized just how amazing the holidays were back then. Now you can still eat the cookies (although burning those extra calories is not so easy anymore), you can decorate the tree, but you are no longer only on the receiving end when it comes to Christmas gifts.

Just like other adults, year after year you need to figure out what to get for your family members, and that task seems to get harder every holiday season. If you are completely out of ideas but you still want to see those huge smiles when your loved ones open their presents, here are a couple of ideas that might come in handy.

For the geek

One of the most old-school Christmas presents is a picture frame with a nice family photo. However, now you can get your loved ones a digital photo frame which is ideal if they often change photos on picture frames. This gadget will display or rotate through many images, you just need to insert a memory card with some photos into the slot in the frame.

Nowadays, you can find basic ones, as well as those that have some additional features. Some frames can be connected to your Wi-Fi, some come with remote control, and there are those that can play video and be used as a calendar.

For the classy lady

If you have a lot of sisters or female cousins, getting each and every one of them a piece of jewelry with a gemstone in their favorite color is always a good option.

You can find earrings, bracelets, rings, and necklaces with all kinds of sparkly gems, so if you are interested in this type of gift, you can check out more at Moon Magic.

For the chef

If someone in your family loves preparing all kinds of gourmet meals and experimenting with new dishes, something for their kitchen is always a foolproof choice. In case they love Italian cuisine, a pizza making kit is a gift sent from heaven. Online you can easily find sets that include a pizza stone, wooden pizza peel, and a slicer, so your loved one can make this specialty just like a pro.

For the movie lover

Movie nights are one of the best family traditions, so consider getting a popcorn kit. The next time you all get together to watch a movie, you can take out this set that includes different seasonings, several types of kernels and retro popcorn boxes, and have an unforgettable family evening with delicious snacks.

For the traveler

For that one person in your family, you never get to see because they are always on the road, get a scratch-off world map.  If you wish, you can even place it in a nice frame, so your loved one has a great decoration for their wall.  Any time they go someplace new, they can scratch off the places and reveal a more colorful map underneath.

For the hedonist

Apple pie, cinnamon, vanilla…There are so many scents that remind us of Christmas, so consider making a bath set that will include several festive bath bombs. There are so many choices, so you can have your pick. Nowadays, you can even find fun bath bombs that are shaped like Santa, snowman or even Rudolph, so create a personalized gift your family member will love.

With this list, your holiday shopping will be a little bit easier this season, and if you don’t get everything from it, there is always next year.