Getting Rid Of Grime And Mold On Your Cladding: How To Clean Vinyl Siding

Applying only the right vinyl siding cleaner with no chlorine bleach and tools that won’t damage and scratch the surface of cladding is probably the most vital tip for homeowners.

Now, to remove unpleasant marks of grease and grime that spoil your exterior and to give your dull and darkened panels a shining and fresh look, moisten the siding with plain water, and then, spray the cladding with a warm soapy solution or mild detergent.

Soak a soft microfiber mop in the same solution, and wash the dirt off panels starting from the top and moving to the bottom, or use a brush with soft bristles if there are very dirty stains left that did not disappear after the first cleaning procedure. When using the solution, do not wait until it is completely dry, but immediately wash it off with water in a thorough way. You can apply a garden hose for this purpose.

But these are just the basic rules for caring for your vertical siding or horizontal option made of the most fragile but, at the same time, beautiful material. However, if you’ve noticed the appearance of spots and accumulation of dirt in time and have eliminated these visual problems instantly, then vinyl siding will serve you for a very long time, surprising you with its amazing features without losing quality.

But you must remember that caring tactics should be individual, as someone lives near a busy highway, and soot can accumulate very quickly. In this case, regular cleaning is of high importance. If the siding is affected by moisture, then be prepared to get rid of vinyl’s biggest enemy — mold, which causes the panels to turn green.

To prevent its growth, prepare a DIY solution of white vinegar (about 30%) and add water (70%). Avoid using chlorine. It will definitely kill mold. But it can also damage vinyl.

Signs It Is Time To Replace Siding

Every type of cladding, be it aluminum siding, vinyl options, or a wood alternative, with the right maintenance, will last for decades. But there comes a time when even pressure washing will not help get rid of problems with the exterior, and only home renovation services and full replacement can solve the issues of aging and deterioration.

There are different reasons why you may need to invest in a new project. Poor installation, structural damages, stains that are impossible to remove with water and a cloth, etc. And even if vinyl considered one of the most fragile materials, it is still the top choice of most Americans due to its indisputable benefits:

• Durability;

• Resistance to harsh climatic conditions;

• An array of colors and textures that provides an opportunity to create a unique facade design;

• Simplified installation that does not require special equipment or additional surface preparation;

• Environmentally-friendly material that won’t fade or peel off when caring for it properly.

For the aesthetically-appealing facade of your home use the services of the UBrothersConstruction home improvement company. Thus, you will get the highest ROI from the renovation project, increase energy-efficiency, and effectively upgrade your siding in a hassle-free manner.