How To Come Away From Costa Rica Feeling Inspired

Vacations can do a lot of things for different people. For some, they are a way to relax, to get away from the real world for a little bit and rejuvenate. For others, they are a way to have fun, to fill your boots with activities and feel the rush of adventure.

Some go on holiday to see a new place, spot exotic wildlife, to get a feel for different cultures. Some, on the other hand, simply go on vacation to get inspired. This last point is quite an interesting one. For all those who need a bit of inspiration in their life, vacations can provide the perfect opportunity to immerse yourself in new surroundings and gain a different perspective.

Whether you’re creative or you’re just looking for some new motivation in your life, going on a vacation can be a great way to feel innovation and unleash your imagination, and in our opinion, Costa Rica is the best place to do it.

As one of the world’s most eco-friendly countries, Costa Rica is a green paradise that is filled with spectacular landscapes, beautiful wildlife, and welcoming people who make the trip as comfortable as possible. With this in mind, here are five ways you can come away from Costa Rica feeling inspired:

Activities Galore

One of the reasons why Costa Rica is such a great place to feel inspired is because of the number of activities you can have fun with. Physical exercise and fun activities actually have the ability to aid not only our physical health but our mental health too. They can help us combat stress and burnout, boost motivation and help spark inspiration. All while having the time of your life!

A good way to do this includes travelling to Arenal National Park and trying out some wakeboarding with On Lake Arenal, you will be surfing the water against the backdrop of gorgeous raindrops, with the monumental Volcano Arenal looming just above you.

Bathing In The Outdoors

After you’ve cruised along the water of Lake Arenal, you can then make your way to La Fortuna, which is just a two-hour drive away. Here, you can bathe in the La Fortuna hot springs. Just like physical activity, bathing in hot springs has the ability to both rejuvenate you physically and achieve better mental well-being.

They do this by inducing a relaxing, almost meditative state, which can similarly work to spark inspiration and help your imagination to wonder. There’s nothing quite like bathing in the great outdoors, with the sounds of the rainforest bustling around you, so get out there and give it a go!

Stunning Views

It’s amazing what a simple view can do to your creativity. Although, we suppose no view in Costa Rica is simple. Each one of them offers a complex painting of colours, patterns, swirling lines and glistening horizons. What’s more, there are a number of amazing locations and views in Costa Rica that you can experience.

Some of our favourites include the Le Monastere Mirador in San Jose, El Miro in Puntarenas and, if you’re feeling like a big climb, the peak of Chirripo – although this would have to be done over a multi-day, guided trek. Looking out upon the wonders of Costa Rica can give you that buzz of life again, the feeling that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Getting Into The Local Culture

We mentioned San Jose there, and this is another good spot to get to know the people of Costa Rica and get a proper feel for the culture.

Oftentimes, simply talking to new people and getting a taste of their life can be enough to give you a new perspective, helping to ignite that inspiration and instil it into your own life. As mentioned before, the Costa Rican people are incredibly friendly and welcoming, and many will be happy to tell you their story and show you what it means to live in Costa Rica.

Taking Everything In

To finish off, we should say that the best way to feel inspired by Costa Rica is by taking everything in and simply appreciating where you are. As a country, Costa Rica puts all of its efforts into sustainability and supporting its biodiversity.

You can see this wherever you go, whether it’s the lush, green rainforests or the perfectly pristine beaches. Costa Rica is a solid example of what the world can achieve when it puts sustainability first. And if that doesn’t manage to inspire you, we don’t know what will!