What To Look For In Commercial Cleaning Services

The Reputation of the Company

You need a company with a good reputation for the quality of their services. One way to check a company’s reputation is through their clients.  Check what their clients are saying, especially those you are in the same business line with. That way, the reviews can guide you on what to expect.

Services Offered

Cleaning can mean several things-it could be the essential cleaning services of dusting surfaces, emptying the trash can, and mopping the floor. It could also be more extensive of cleaning the washrooms, cleaning the company kitchen and the occasional cleaning of windows and company equipment.

You will have to inquire what the cleaning company offers and whether that suits your needs. Learn more about commercial cleaning services so that you know what to expect.

Employee Insurance

During cleaning, accidents can happen, and also the cleaner will be dealing with costly equipment like printers, computers, and furniture. Therefore, should one slip and fall, you are not liable for any medical charges as the cleaning company will deal with such a case. Also, if they damage any valuable equipment while cleaning, then the insurance company will reimburse you.

Equipment and Supplies

Once you have found a cleaning services company, check on the tools and equipment that they use. It could be sanitizers, oils, or disinfectants. Make sure such products are safe to use, least they introduce harmful chemicals to the workplace. Ask about the cost of such products and whether your company or the cleaning company will incur the charges.

Working Timeline

It would help if you inquired what time the cleaners will take. They need to be fast enough so that they do not interfere with your employees’ productivity. You can also agree whether they will clean early in the morning before your employees show up for work and late in the evening when they are not around. This will prevent crashing between your employees and the cleaners where each is interfering with the other’s work.

Yearly Contracts Provision

Check whether the cleaning company allows you to get into a yearly contract with them as this will save you money.  Some of the things that should be in the contract include the prices, duration of the contract, how often they will do extensive cleaning, and any other additional services you may need. A contact helps in building a lasting relationship with the cleaning company.

You are in the office for almost half of your day. Therefore, you need a clean and comfortable environment that makes you productive and reduces the chances of contracting any diseases.

A clean company also speaks volumes to potential employees about the kind of environment that they should expect. You can enjoy the benefits of a good cleaning services company when you outsource a reputable company.