7 Most Common Types of Travellers

Everybody has their personal style and it reflects on everything that they do. Of course, the way you plan your holidays is among those things. You can either go simple and decide not to spend too much money, or you can, on the other hand, go all in and spare no expenses when it comes to your accommodation, your travel arrangements, and the places you’re going to be visiting.

Different people do these things differently, but you can always take your planning to the next level and introduce a few changes. So, check if your personal travelling style places you into one of these seven categories, and then learn how to make the most of your travelling preferences.

1. The Resourceful Budget Keepers

It’s amazing how little money these guys can spend. They use Couch Surfing or some other cheap or free type of accommodation. They always know all about discount cards, free walk tours, happy hours, and budget restaurants with amazing food. They sacrifice their comfort, at times, but you definitely want to know all about their travels, because everybody can use some of their tips.

2. The Classy Consumers of Finer Things

They save money for exotic destinations, but only if there’s a five-star hotel there. Flawless room service, comfy rental car, and gourmet restaurants are their idea of a good time. They’re not always crazy rich, but they don’t mind skipping two or three holidays in order to save up for a luxurious one.

3. The Adventurous Explorers

These are the people who don’t mind going to a different location every time they leave their home. Their luxurious travels cover all corners of the globe, from the beaches of Australia to the mountains of South America. Still, if you want to become one of those adventurous explorers of the world, you need to get ready and prepare for different kinds of experiences.

For instance, if you’re heading towards the aforementioned Australian beaches, looking into an informative Australia’s luxury travel guide might help you more than you can imagine. From the most luxurious hotels to the best ways to get around, these tips will make your visit to different continents more enjoyable and help you remember these occasions for the rest of your life!

4. The Relentless Planners

It’s good to be prepared, but these guys can definitely make an Olympic discipline out of sightseeing.

They know their map and their daily plans by heart two days before their journey starts. They have their travel guide in their hands at all times and they dread spontaneous activities that chip into their daily schedule. Perhaps they’re happiest in organized group travels that promise the most sightseeing for your money.

5. The Restless Partygoers

These guys don’t get to see that much daytime. Their destinations are Thailand, Vegas, Greek party islands, or places with music festivals. They usually travel in groups and sleep throughout their day, if they sleep at all. The night is their time and bar hopping is their favourite sightseeing activity. They’re the ones with dark sunglasses, sleeping the entire trip home.

6. The Romantic Nomads

These are usually backpackers that grew up, founded a family, and bought one of those amazing and affordable used caravans. Now, they enjoy their nomadic style of travelling with their family and it seems that they couldn’t be happier about it.

They know all the coolest beaches, places and camping sites. They know a thousand ways to build a safe fire, share a few useful pro tips with their fellow enthusiasts, prepare a meal out of nothing, and their phones are filled with contacts of families all over the world that travel the same way. Their kids have seen their entire country and more, and they are very resourceful and independent.

7. The Solo Soul Seekers

When you think about it, there are many subgroups here. Some of the lonely nomads are trying to get over something that happened in their lives by filling it with nice experiences. Others want to get to know more about themselves and take their travels as the opportunity to think their lives through.

Usually, they are those minimalistic packers that never check their bags. Their backpack is filled with books, e-book readers, and their camera equipment.

There’s no right or wrong way to travel, as long as you’re enjoying yourself and getting the experience you hoped for. Travel builds your character and enriches your soul, so enjoy it as much as you can, regardless of your personal travelling style. Who knows, perhaps you even change it in time.