Most Effective Way to Consume CBD

Lately, it seems that everywhere you go, there is bound to be at least one shop selling CBD products. The studies have shown that CBD has real benefits, but it doesn’t mean that there aren’t many misconceptions about this subject.

It makes choosing CBD products that would be best for you and where to buy cbd gummies quite a challenge. Thankfully, in a second, you’ll learn what the most effective ways of consuming CBD are. Let’s go!


When it comes to CBD products, like CBD calm gummies that you will have to eat, you shouldn’t expect the first results before 45 minutes after their consumption. That’s because your body will have to digest them first. Unfortunately, it means that CBD will have to go through the liver, where some of the CBD will be metabolized. As a consequence, the concentration of CBD will considerably decrease.

According to the experts at Nature and Bloom, if you want to decrease the amount that gets metabolized, you should consume CBD products with fatty acids. It would minimize the effects of the “first pass effect”. Although you’ll have to wait the longest for the effects to start taking effect, once they start, you will experience them for a longer period of time than if you were to consume CBD in any other way.

Depending on the type of effects that you are after, you should look for products with specific CBD to THC ratio. Why? If there is none or only a small amount of THC in the product, you shouldn’t experience any high at all. If the content of THC is considerable, while there is not that much CBD in it, then you might get launched into outer space.

Why? When it comes to CBD, the liver will decrease the potency of the CBD that you’ve consumed, but it’s a different story with THC. When THC passes through your liver, it will likewise create some metabolites, one of them being 11-OH-THC. The thing is, it causes even stronger high than THC. That’s why edibles are known for their sometimes terrible potency.

Remember, though, that no matter how certain you are that you are moving through the universe at the ever-increasing speed, you are probably still in your bed. Even if it seems that the Euclidean geometry no longer applies, trust me, everything will be alright. You just need to be patient.


If you want to feel the effects quicker, vaping would be a better choice. CBD wouldn’t have to pass through the liver, which means that you would start feeling the effects after 10 to 15 minutes. The downside is that you’ll be experiencing the effects of CBD for about 2 hours. It is also a less subtle form of consuming CBD.

If you are in public, or perhaps in a state where CBD is illegal (Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota), you will probably feel more comfortable eating CBD-infused products. If you are consuming CBD for pain relief, vaping might be the best choice as you’ll be able to alleviate pain almost instantly.


If you don’t want to wait several hours to feel the effects of CBD, but you don’t like vaping either, there is another option – taking it sublingually. You just have to hold the drops of CBD under your tongue so that it gets absorbed through mucous membranes directly into your bloodstream. You would probably feel weird doing it in public, where edibles are still a superior option.

You should remember that everyone is different and that there are many factors that influence how fast you will notice the effects. Your weight, sex, but also diet affect how fast your body metabolizes different substances, and it also applies to CBD. Even though it is difficult to predict how precisely will your body react to a dose of CBD, you shouldn’t experience any worrying side effects.

CBD is relatively safe, especially when compared with other substances that are used for pain relief. It is not addictive, which means that you’ll be able to stop taking it at any moment. CBD is commonly used for pain relief, but it also helps with anxiety and depression. Although it’s been legal for only a short period of time, the studies have already shown that it could help individuals with many different health problems.

The best way to consume CBD?

There is no single way of consuming CBD that is better than the other ones. That’s because it depends on the needs of an individual who is taking it. If you want to deal with the pain and would like to start feeling better fast, then vaping might be the best choice for you. If, on the other hand, you would prefer to feel the effects for an extended period of time, then edibles are a superior option.