Consumerism Among Students As a Topic for Paper

As a commerce student, you can choose to tackle consumerism in your thesis paper. This is something that affects everyone in the modern world, including students. However, you need to understand what is consumerism and its effects first.

When you choose this topic, you have to draw as much information about it as possible. You can easily find a free consumerism essay online to be fully prepared for writing your paper. You can even use such an essay as an example to write a detailed and informative dissertation. Here is how you should approach this topic.

What is Consumerism?

Before you can even proceed to working on the topic, you must get the consumerism define. To do this, you have to do thorough research from books, publications and scholarly essays on consumerism. So, what is consumerism?

In simple terms, it is a social-economic imperative that will encourage people to buy goods and services in high amounts. It is a scenario where people are always spending on goods and services, thus pushing the demand up. This is a force that is affecting the modern world in great lengths.

For a school paper, you can choose a sub-topic from some of the many consumerism topics. You can decide to focus your paper on the effects of this force or just focus on how it applies in real life in different consumer groups. For a consumerism essay, it is best to focus on a simpler topic; like why it is common in the modern world.

Are Students Affected by Consumerism?

In your thesis, you also have to show the relationship between students and this phenomenon. Tackle this topic concerning different consumer groups wittily. If you are dealing with students, you have to clearly explain how it affects consumer habits among them.

The idea of consumerism is based on the fact that humans believe that having more stuff makes them more successful, happier and accomplished. Everyone wants to own the latest iPhone series once it is launched, or the newest car model in town. We have been conditioned to always want more.

Here are some consumerism examples that affect students in college and universities.

1. Fashion

In college, it is more or less a fashion competition among students on who keeps up with the latest trend. To do this, learners tend to spend a lot on clothes buying more than they need, to look better and more accomplished. This has created an unnecessary demand to meet this market. To save money, buy student discount womens clothing.

2. Technology

Nowadays, every student wants to operate the latest gadget. If you have the latest iPhone, you are termed as one of the most accomplished persons in the room. Most students will judge your accomplishments based on the type of gadgets you use, what brand they are and their costs.

Advertisement and social media have made it a big deal to own the best devices of the latest tech, especially among young people. Students have been mostly affected by this phenomenon. Did you know that these trends are not a basic need?

3. Lifestyle

Everybody wants to live a good life, there is no doubt about that. However, the urge to be more accomplished and successful than others has caused many students to indulge in unhealthy spending habits to improve their lifestyle. The urge to appear more accomplished can lead you to accumulate stuff that you don’t necessarily need.

Is Consumerism a Problem?

If we were to explore the different consumerism examples, it would be easier to understand where the problem is. Below are a few of the demerits.

1. It leads to impulse buying

This culture has made it a norm for people to buy stuff they don’t need immediately, just for the pride of it. This is most evident in the fashion industry where everyone wants to set the trend. This nurtures unhealthy spending habits among students, and one carries it into adulthood.

2. It creates more needs rather than meeting them

As a student consumer, you still won’t feel satisfied once you buy stuff you don’t need. On the contrary, you will feel the urge to buy the next thing on the list. The belief that buying more stuff fulfills all your desires is false.

3. It is manipulative

The whole idea of consumerism is based on advertising and manipulating people to adopt a particular perception. In this social media era, advertisement is everywhere. This manipulates us when making decisions on what to consume and how we spend our money.

As a student writing a thesis paper, you can use all this information to write a perfect consumerism essay or paper for academic purposes. Moreover, you can decide to focus on a particular topic and explore it.


Writing a thesis or a research paper in college doesn’t have to stress you. If you allocate enough time to the task and pick the right topic, it is very easy to accomplish the end goal. Consumerism among students can be a very suitable topic for your school thesis paper. Don’t make it your lifestyle though.