Ten Reliable Contract Templates & Agreements In 2021

Having some reliable contract and agreement templates saves you a lot of time. With the same intentions, we created this list of top ten contract and agreement templates in 2021. All these templates come with legal terms and conditions that save you the effort of writing them yourself.

The only thing that you need to do is enter some basic details of both parties and the agreement itself. After that, you can sign it using our online PDF sign tool and print it to keep a copy with yourself. You can also share the signed copy with others for the record. When you Check more details, you will find that the templates are enough to create any agreement you want.

1. Brand Ambassador Agreement

A brand ambassador contract template is used when a company hires a brand ambassador for its branding. This form is useful in different ways as it covers all the important information about the agreement. By signing an agreement, both the parties agree to the terms and conditions regarding the agreement.

Thus, it is important to discuss all these details before signing it. In this category, you can find hundreds of useful templates that will help you with the job. Payment Details, Compliance with the FTC, and the Deadlines are some of the most important parts of a brand ambassador agreement.

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This is one of the most popular forms of CocoDoc.

2. Business Contract

Business contracts can be of any type due to the different natures of businesses. That is why we included hundreds of business contract templates in this category. This contract is used when a business collaborates with another business to get some services.

That is why a business agreement must have all the clear details regarding their deal. In case there are some disputes, the matter must be settled in the court. Partnership Agreements, Non-Disclosure Agreements, and Indemnity Agreements are the most important types of business agreements.

3. Catering Contract 

We need catering services for business and personal events. The professional catering services work with a formal contract in which you can mention all the details related to that agreement. The agreement is quite common in the US. We created hundreds of useful catering contract templates to help you create an agreement within a few minutes.

It provides a clear overview of the agreement and binds both the parties to fulfill their duties towards each other. Therefore, you can use these templates to do it. 

4. Cleaning Service Contract Template

Hiring a cleaning service is a lot of work. You need to discuss all your requirements and work with their payment terms to make it possible. A cleaning service contract template helps you create this agreement by recording all the terms in written form. It will protect the interests of both parties, giving them an option to get legal help in case a party fails to hold their duties. 

You can learn more about these templates by clicking on the template link.

5. Coaching Contract

If you are a coach and want to create a legal agreement to provide coaching to someone, you can use a coaching contract. This contract covers all the services promised to the person along with the charges and the coaching duration. Although these templates have pre-written terms, you can add or remove them according to your requirements.

It means you get complete freedom to draft a coaching contract within a few minutes. There are different types of coaching, such as fitness, education, or some skill-based coaching activities. That is why you can browse this category to find the exact one you need. 

6. Construction Contract

The construction work is something that requires a well-written agreement to work. Construction is usually a one-time activity, and no one wants any trouble in the process. That is why construction contracts help the contractors to get the correct details and the owner to get the services they were looking for.

You can mention all the construction specifications along with any other instructions that you have for the contractor. Creating a legal agreement ensures you can involve a third party if you are not satisfied with the payment or the wok.

7. Consulting Agreement

When you hire a consulting firm to help you with some services or consultation, you need to sign a consulting agreement with them. The agreement helps you establish a contract to mention all the services you need and discuss the payment terms. You can also mention the details like project duration, involved parties, and other terms to make it effective for both the parties.

You can use these templates for all types of consulting services from marketing agencies, employment consulting agencies, etc.

8. Contractor Invoice Template

A contractor invoice template is a document that outlines all the goods and services bought by someone. The contractor can mention the amount payable by the customer in an organized way. Most people do it while purchasing some goods and services in person. However, a contractor can send an invoice email or other digital platforms as well. 

The best part is that the invoice can be used in legal proceedings as long as it has all the terms. 

9. Daycare Contract

Working parents often use daycare services to take care of their children while they are at their job. The daycare centers generate this contract to share the details in written form and get parents’ consent for the activities. Therefore, it is important for both the parties to protect themselves from unnecessary lawsuits.

10. Employment Contract

An employment contract is used when an employee is hired for a fixed time by an organization. You can easily browse these templates to find the perfect employment contract for you. It outlines all the terms and conditions of the company and requires the employee to sign the agreement before getting the job.

It is helpful for both parties. However, we recommend going with the pre-written templates as they provide all the technical terms and conditions without you writing them manually. 


Getting into a contract requires a well-written agreement for you. You can start by customizing the templates that we shared in this article. After that, you can share it with the other party and get their signature on it. Once both the parties sign the agreement, it will be legally valid.

You can learn more about these contracts by browsing this category.