Why Should You Convert Your Loft?

There are many home improvements to choose from to improve your home and a loft conversion is a popular choice with many homeowners. However, before undertaking any kind of renovation on your property it is important to think through the pros and cons to make sure you are making the right choice.

If you have been on the fence about whether or not to do something with your loft, here are a few reasons why it could be worth your while.

Adds Value to Your Home

Converting your loft into a spare bedroom, home office, or any other kind of space could add value to your property. While having storage space like a loft is desirable for homeowners, if your property already has a cellar or plenty of other storage space an additional room is likely to be more attractive to prospective buyers.

Whether they decided to use it in the same way you did or not, people will happily pay more for a quality conversion as this is one less thing they will have to do when the property becomes theirs.

Creates More Space

If your home is starting to feel a bit crowded due to a growing family, or you are simply running out of space to put things, converting your loft into another room could be hugely beneficial. It’s cheaper than buying a new home and could help your living space stay neat and tidy.

In particular, if you are now working from home full-time, creating a separate workspace could help you to focus better during working hours and to switch off more easily when the day is done.

You Can Rent It

If you’re a landlord, converting the loft in one of your properties allows you to make a bit of extra income by renting out another room in the house. If you live in the property in question, converting a loft into a guest suite could also be another way to make some extra cash.

A lot of people rent out spare rooms in their homes to holidaymakers on sites like Airbnb and this additional income could go towards paying for the conversion, your mortgage, or anything else you want to save for. For some good examples of beautiful loft conversions visit touchstonelofts.co.uk.

Better Insulation

You should have good insulation in your loft already, as this is important to keep your home energy efficient and warm in the colder months. However, converting your loft into another room will improve the overall insulation of your house as you will need it to be as warm and comfortable as the rest of the rooms in your home, especially if it is going to be used regularly as a bedroom or an office.

No Planning Permission Needed

There might be certain situations when you will need to get planning permission for a loft conversion, but more often than not it is not needed.

Unless you are intending to do something very grand with your conversion or have an exterior entrance into it, the project should be able to move forward without these permissions and can be completed promptly, making them much easier to accomplish than you might think.

If you are trying to decide what to do with your loft, consider the points above and how a loft conversion might be the right choice for you.