4 Best Cosmetic Treatments To Restore Your Skin’s Natural Beauty

Skin gets harmed when it is exposed to the furnace of summer. It also faces torture at the hands of venomous sand dust and pollution. If they were not enough, the aging process enters the ring as the unbeatable champion. Together they laugh at the poor facial presentation of your jovial personality.

There are some advanced cosmetic treatments that emerge from the canopy of high-rise buildings in a cape. These procedures can protect your skin from its enemies and reinstate its natural beauty. Without beating around the bush, let’s take you through a brief journey of cosmetic treatments that are willing to extend a helping hand:

1. Stem Cells Rejuvenation Therapy

Stem cell therapy is a non-surgical, minimally invasive cosmetic treatment that aims to enhance your skin texture. It involves the usage of powerful stem cells and leveraging their strengths to rejuvenate your skin and speed up the healing process.

Also, it harnesses the science of stem cells and stimulates collagen production. It also promotes healthy blood flow in the body. As a beauty ingredient, stem cells nourish the skin dermis with proteins, amino acids and peptides. Moreover, it increases cell turnover and encourages the production of new skin cells.

This treatment is a fusion of stem cells into dermapen microneedling. Stem cells are coupled with the microneedling solution such as vitamins C and E, cytokines extract and hyaluronic acid. Doctors inject stem cells following a microneedling treatment that involves pricking the skin with tiny, automated needles.

First, microneedling is often used to achieve smoother, brighter skin and treat minor scarring, wide pores, and acne scars. Then, the inclusion of the powerful stem cell solution boosts the skin’s capacity to self-heal, naturally enhancing collagen volume and skin firmness.

2. Pico Laser Treatment

Pico laser treatment is a non-surgical treatment that focuses on combating skin imperfections, including spots created due to exposure to harmful skin rays. It is one of the most advanced laser treatments.

Significantly, it produces visible, long-lasting benefits in fewer sessions than similar solutions, is safe, involves no downtime, and may be used on the entire face and body. It stimulates elastin production in the skin, resulting in a brighter, softer, fuller, and youthful complexion.

This treatment works using concentrated ultra-short pulses of energy, void of heat on the targeted areas. The laser strongly influences the skin, breaking the problematic skin pigment or particles. Your body will naturally remove these shattered pigments.

3. Chemical Peels

Another method for resurfacing the skin is to use a chemical solution that causes your skin’s outer layers to peel away. This procedure is known as a chemical peel in the cosmetic industry.

Either the surgeon himself or a professionally trained aesthetician or nurse performs chemical peels treatment in the office of a cosmetic surgeon. During treatment, they will brush or swab the solution onto your skin and keep it on for a set amount of time.

Afterward, the damaged layers of skin will progressively peel away in the days after treatment, giving a smoother, younger-looking complexion.

In addition, peels are classified into lighter and deeper peels. Lighter peels use a milder acid solution consisting of glycolic acid, alpha hydroxy acid, salicylic acid, and fruit enzymes of low concentration of trichloroacetic acid (TCA). This solution partially reaches the outer layer of your skin.

The latter is deeper peels that will reach into the epidermis and then target the dermis (the second skin layer). These peels provide dramatic results! Doctors will advise keeping your skin bandaged for days following the treatment to avoid problems or infections.

In addition, throughout the following 7 to 14 days, the skin will harden, blister, and peel off. Medium-depth chemical solutions have a one-year shelf life, whereas deep peels have a ten-year shelf life.

4. Sculptra Fillers

Doctors initially used Sculptra to treat people infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) who had lost facial fat. Anyone who wants to build up their cheekbones, fill in hollows or sunken areas of their face, and increase skin thickness to lessen the appearance of wrinkles and creases may now use it in the form of fillers for aesthetic purposes.

The active ingredient in Sculptra fillers is poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA), a synthetic molecule that encourages new collagen formation. As a result, it takes several treatments, spaced four to six weeks apart, for benefits to be visible.

Most significantly, the benefits of Sculptra might last up to two years after the initial treatment session. Sculptra fillers in Dubai are available easily and at economical rates. However, it is important to get this treatment from a reputable clinic.

To conclude, these cosmetic treatments emphasize healing your skin and surface a new glowing and fresh skin. These are non-invasive treatments while minimizing downtime. Thus, you can return to your routine without any hindrance.