Dealing With The Costs Of Car Accidents

Car crashes are typically the result of rash or irresponsible driving. In 2019, a person was killed every 2 hours 26 minutes, while 1 person was injured every 2 minutes and 3 seconds, according to a report published by the Texas Department of Transportation. The report also mentioned that there was 1 reportable crash every 56 seconds in Texas, with a total of 256,338 persons injured.

The data also showed that 25% of the drivers involved in such accidents were driving under the influence of alcohol, while many other accidents were probably due to distracted driving. Whatever may be the reason for rash driving, such accidents tend to have significant physical and emotional effects on the injured.

Accidents can result in significant aftereffects- both physical and emotional. While physical injuries may get healed with timely medical aid and treatment that involves significant costs, it is very difficult to deal with mental anguish resulting from the pain and suffering caused by such accidents, say a Houston car accident attorney from the Law Offices of Alexander M. Gurevich.

Vehicle crashes result in significant loss of life as well as productivity, with the cost estimated at $1 trillion, says a report by the NHTSA. To avoid or mitigate the mental anguish and compensate for expenses brought on by a car accident and the resultant trauma it is advisable to approach a good Houston car accident lawyer who can represent the victim’s case and claim the necessary compensation.

Car Accident Injuries Lead to Unexpected Expenses

More than the physical injuries that result from an accident, the effort and the expenses required to deal with them are an area of concern. Many times, the victims are not aware of the fact that they can are entitled to collect monetary damages for paying the medical bills and as compensation for the time lost from work.

They are also entitled to get compensation for the pain and the suffering resulting from the accident and its aftereffects. Proper information about what kind of entitlements they are eligible can be provided by a Houston auto accidents attorney.

Onus of Proving the Fault Lies on the Injured

And in case a victim is aware of his entitlements he would need expert help to prove the fault of the driver of the car or auto that caused the accident. The concerned insurance companies and their attorneys will certainly try to prove that the victim has no case and thus deserves zero or minimal compensation.

To deal with them, professional help is essential. Houston car accident lawyers are well-versed with the whole process of dealing with insurance companies and convincing them about the correct entitlements of their clients.

Settlement May be Inadequate

In most car accident cases, the attorneys representing the insurance company of the accident causing vehicle may try to settle the case before the actual medical treatment of the victim is done. Their aim is to convince the victim that he was at fault too and thus is entitled to some minimum compensation.

An auto accident attorney in Houston TX will ensure that their clients do not settle for anything less than what they are entitled to deal with the physical and mental anguish caused by the accident. The attorney will ensure that the client does not need to pay for any kind of medical bills from his own pocket.