Creating Your Home Gym? Start With Buying

Almost everyone knows that gym membership costs are too high than their real value. And in the rising era of online training and home workouts, many of us are short on time and we like to work out in our homes according to our convenience.

So, if you’ve got a large convertible space, you can easily set up your home gym. Otherwise, only a little space in the bedroom and living room is enough! Make sure that before buying essential equipment for your home gym, you have already checked some home gym reviews for better ideas.

Let’s check out this detailed guide on how to create a home gym for the provided space under affordable budget options.

Looking out for the right space

Before going directly into buying equipment, you must decide on the area where you wish to have your home gym. At the very least, the space should have sufficient space for some machines and a large yoga mat. Now, the exact home gym space will depend on the room you want along with the workouts you wish to have.

HIIT workouts require a lot of space with solid (but not too much hard) surfaces for jumping around, while Pilates or yoga workouts would require more space. If you’re training regimen consists of heavy lifting you’ll probably require a separate room. Outdoor spaces can also be handy if you can have it!

Getting the Gym Essentials

Let’s be honest here, you don’t need to have a whole lot of equipment or many huge machines like a gym for making the home gym an ideal exercise place. Most equipment for home workouts is quite inexpensive and small. Also to make your home gym setup more affordable, you can buy used gym equipment.


When you don’t have much cash and space, you can start saving to get a good treadmill and other cardio machines. For high intensity workouts, you can get weighted jump ropes, that are
challenging to turn, so here the forearms and wrists work hard for the rotation.

Pete McCall, host of podcast All About Fitness and personal trainer, previously stated in shape that treadmills still provide great burns and shouldn’t be overlooked. There are many treadmills costing only around $1000 or so.

Strengthening up

By now you might have started thinking about those huge gym machines, but you won’t need those. Instead, if you’re on a budget, you can get a pair of resistance bands, dumbbells (adjustable ones) or a kettlebell (around $70 – 425). This portable equipment can provide you with the same amount of muscle tone without any worries for bulky storage.

While the BOSUs and stability balls are really great in core strengthening and improving balance, these can’t easily get stored. So, home gyms can use balance discs, (around $20), taking up the same space as of a plate. With the right combination of discs and body movements, these offer the same benefits as gym equipment.

Vital Equipment for Every Home Gym

Here are some must have’s if you’re looking for a total body workout. All equipment doesn’t occupy much size and also these are quite affordable. Used gym equipment is a good option if you want to save on costs.

Pull-up Bar – These can be well placed between two wall ends and work great to build strength in back, arms and shoulders. It also strengthens your core.

Plyometrics Box – Also called by the name “jump training boxes” these are used for jumping back and forth. These are great to build speed along with great power. These are also ideal for squatting, bench dips and other exercises.

Kettlebell – This is a must have in a home gym setup. These are versatile and deliver great benefits. Whether you’re doing pushups, squats or other kettlebell exercises, you can easily burn more than 20 calories in a minute. Kettlebell workouts also emphasize on your core and flexibility.

Dumbbells – There are many exercises that can be done with dumbbells. Also, they’re adjustable and cheap and you’ll be able to change weight accordingly.

Resistance Bands – Additionally to the home gym these can be carried almost anywhere for building mobility and strength. They also bundle in tiny packages so you’re able to shove them out of sight while you don’t use them.

Skipping Rope – Skipping ropes are great for maintaining coordination and perfect cardio equipment. Jump Rope is great full-body workout equipment.

Barbell – Barbells and dumbbells are free-form weights. Your muscles work harder compared to machines and require more balance and stability. Barbells work great to get compound movements like lunges, squats, and deadlifts.

Home Equipment for Recovery

Irrespective of whether your fitness goals are more on strength or on the cardio side, you need to make sure to have adequate recovery equipment.

A good example here is foam rollers as they’re quite versatile and these can be used for strengthening the core, and toning muscles. Rolling your muscles with foam rollers have in reducing soreness and fatigue, help you make a quick recovery, and help you in getting a better muscular performance.

You don’t have to purchase everything for the home gym at once as you can begin with some pieces and then gradually add on from there.